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What to Do When Asked for Your Salary Range

Want to learn how to negotiate? Come to our Opportunity Boot Camp for Recent Grads – A Career & Job Search Intensive on Wednesday, August 20th. Learn how to pitch yourself, improve your online presence, job search effectively, and more!
How should you answer the question, “What’s your salary range?”

What I Wish I Knew When I Graduated: Your Day Will Never Be the Same

Whether you’re a student preparing for post-grad life, or you just graduated and are still looking for your dream job, we’ve got the perfect boot camps to help you get your career in gear. Find the right one for you on our events page.
When you graduate college, you think about

Creative Internship and Job Opportunities: Total Management, Random House and more.

Each week FindSpark brings you a curated list of the best internships and entry level jobs in New York City. If you apply for one of these great opportunities, please let them know that FindSpark sent you. Join our community as a member for free and be the first to see these great

How to Find the Confidence to Go From Intern to Full-Time

So you landed that internship, huh? Awesome! Day 1 just finished and you now realize that super fetch outfit you wore isn’t going to be the only thing that gets you a full-time offer at the end of your internship. Yikes. Here are five tips to help you find the

5 Unexpected Things to Check Before Sending That Cover Letter

The FindSpark community is pretty savvy when it comes to applying for creative jobs. You always run a spelling and grammar check twice on your cover letters before sending them off. And we won’t pander – you would never (and we mean never) use a template cover letter. But, we can let

Side Hustle Success Stories: Brunching Their Way to Success

Want to get your side project off the ground? Come to “Idea to Reality: A Side Project Boot Camp” on Wednesday, August 13 to learn from expert side hustlers on how it’s done.
Featured Side Hustlers: Megan Frantz & Nicole Monahan
Connect with Megan: Twitter // Instagram // LinkedIn
Connect with Nicole: Twitter // Instagram // LinkedIn

9 Tips On Being Your Own Job Search Cheerleader

We all know how hard the job search can be. It’s easy to feel discouraged, but there is something you can do about it! Come to our Opportunity Boot Camp for Recent Grads – A Career & Job Search Intensive to get the tools you need to get through the