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9 Tips On Being Your Own Job Search Cheerleader

So you’re looking for your first job or searching for a new one. Congratulations! You are taking your future into your own hands! Grabbing the bull by the horns! You’ve studied and interned and networked like nobody’s business. You will soon be a part of the workforce and a contributing member of society! Instead of

Resume & Cover Letter Tips from Real Recruiters

Are you coming to our Summer Opportunity Mixer on Wednesday, July 23rd? These tips from actual recruiters will help you get your resume in gear before you hand it out to top companies like Viacom, MKG, L’Oreal, and more!
Your resume and cover letter are designed to get you an

Creative Internship and Job Opportunities: Warner Music Group, Laird+Partners and more.

Each week FindSpark brings you a curated list of the best internships and entry level jobs in New York City. If you apply for one of these great opportunities, please let them know that FindSpark sent you. Join our community as a member for free and be the first to see these great

How to Establish Rapport with Strangers on LinkedIn

Want to make the most of your social media presence? This August, we’re hosting Opportunity Boot Camps for students, recent grads, and young professionals. Find the right boot camp for you on our events calendar. 
In a digital world, we no longer need to meet people in person to establish a

Working for Tips: How to Use Your Transition Job to Follow Your Dreams

If you’re seeking a job in a creative career, chances are you’ll find yourself in a transition job along the way. Whether it’s working in retail, hospitality, or at a coffee shop – this can feel like a detour from your dreams. But often, these jobs are actually the road to the position

Job Hunting Tips from Top Recruiters

The job and internship search can be discouraging. When you send out application after application and get nothing in return, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. We consulted recruiters from top companies and asked them their favorite tips to help you land the job. Meet them in person