10 Quick Steps to Perfect Your Resume Before Attending a Networking Event

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Creating a concise, impressive and organized resume is a task that often challenges many students and even seasoned professionals. Let us help you with some easy tips to shape up your resume and perfect it just in time for Find & Follow Your Passion!

  1. Focus on what you have achieved, not what your responsibilities were.
  2. Don’t show every little thing you’ve done; rather, highlight your best and most impressive achievements.
  3. Use it as an advertisement for yourself – sell yourself.
  4. Tailor your resume to the specific company or industry you are applying for.
  5. Make sure it is one page and one page only.
  6. Organize previous positions by date, relevance and importance.
  7. Be sure to include your full name, email address, phone number and location in the header.
  8. Choose a clear and classic font.
  9. If the resume is for a specific job, include keywords from the job listing itself, such as: organized, reliable, time-efficient, etc.
  10. Be confident in yourself and all you have accomplished – Hand it in with pride.

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