12 Moves You Oughta Make from NY Creative Interns Co-Founder Reb Carlson

Dozens of bright, young professionals joined us at Taap.it Headquarters last week, along with keynote speaker and co-founder Reb Carlson, for our March Mixer event.

NY Creative Interns Co-Founder Reb Carlson

Reb gave a fantastic presentation on the risks she’s taken and moves made after graduating from Hofstra University. Below are a dozen hot tips.

Words of Wisdom for Students, Grads and Young Professionals

  • Create a schedule
  • Take time to read and learn everyday
  • Make to do lists
  • Find balance
  • Know what you love
  • Be active, not passive
  • Get online, then go offline
  • Tell a story well
  • Leverage Meetup
  • Write follow up emails/notes
  • Drink water
  • Carry notebooks & business cards

NY Creative Interns March 2012 Mixer

According to Reb, in terms of reading material, staying on top of publications like the NY Times will make you a greater conversationalist. It probably won’t hurt your social life either and transform you into the life of all parties and social butterfly of your dreams.

We did a video on next-level networking, which may also be of interest in this department.

NY Creative Interns March Mixer networking

Feel free to check out Reb’s entire presentation to see full effect and awesomeness of her post-grad journey: NY Creative Interns Post-Grad Making Moves.

Special Thanks

Our eternal appreciation goes to volunteers and sponsors who help make NY Creative Interns events a success. This March, we thank our venue hosts from Taap.It for all the love.

NY Creative Interns Taap.It HQ

Additional event photos, captured by the talented Galo Delgado of The Photobooth Project, can be viewed in the following Facebook fanpage album. As usual, we encourage photo-tagging.

Upcoming Line Up

We hope to see you at the amazing line up we have for April. We’re meeting practically every week this coming month, and we’re throwing an epic conference called Find and Follow Your Passion. Trust us, epic is no overstatement. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Are you a [semi] recent college grad? What have you learned in the weeks/months/years after graduation? We’d love to hear. 

About the Author

Judi was the mentor of NY Creative Intern Tushar Khandelwal in 2011. She is currently available for work in all areas of digital marketing, and her passion is the arts. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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