15 Top Job Application Tips You Need to Know

Everyone has a different way of writing cover letters and resumes for job applications. Some people use a standard form for every company and just change various details; others will create a whole new CV for every job.

But, what if you could tailor your application to meet what each company is looking for. Well now you can, at least for 15 NYC top companies. We’ve collected job application tips from these amazing companies that are currently hiring. Check out all of the companies and tips below:

1. Time Inc.
“Be smart. Be concise. Be direct. Wow us with your brilliance.”

2. AOL
“When applying online, make sure you’ve created a customized cover letter for the role and organization. Make sure your resume has the correct dates and includes all of your contact information. When possible, try to follow up directly with a recruiter or send an email with a PDF version of your resume and statement of interest for a role–that way you know someone will see your application!”

3. Viacom
viacom college relations
“[We want a] one-page resume highlighting your experience in and out of the classroom.”

4. Kate Ryan, Inc.
“Be excited, eager, confident & proactive.”

5. City Harvest
“Supply a well-written cover letter and make sure you use proper English.”

6. Moment Design
“We want to hear you tell us your story, not read it for ourselves in your portfolio. Craft [an application] that treats your portfolio as a prop, not a crutch.”

7. MKG
“Do some real digging into the company when writing your application or preparing for your interview. You stand out more if you bring up something cool about the company that didn’t just come from the company’s website. ”

8. Yapp
“Show off your passions! Brag about the things you love and are good at. Tell the company you’re applying to how you might be able to use those things you love or the skills they require to become an integral part of the company.”

9. Rodale Books
“Use the application or cover letter  to explain your experiences in a way that would make you stand out from other candidates .”

10. Momentum Worldwide
momentum big
“Brand yourself and make a memorable first impression. You only get one opportunity to make that all important first impression, so make it a great one!”

11. CYC Fitness
“Your cover letter and resume should have absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes. Read them over until you’re positive there are no errors. Then have a friend (or two) read them through. Then read them over again.”

12. Make Meaning
“(For the interview) Dress appropriately and be ready to give us your 30 second elevator pitch.”

13.  Code and Theory

14. Return on Change
“Be honest about your skills set and your experience.”

15. NY Creative Interns
“Be enthusiastic about the position you’re applying for. If you don’t show an obvious passion for the work you’d be doing, then we’re going to find someone else who does.”

All of these companies will be attending our Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st. If you’d like to show off your application skills to their representatives, you can register for the event here.

Do you have any tips for crafting great job applications? Let us know in the comments. 

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Steph Lippitt attended Hofstra University, where she triple-majored in Publishing, Creative Writing, and living off of less than four hours of sleep a night. She was lucky enough to get internships at three incredible companies: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Sterling Publishing. Steph is currently the Education Assistant for Mediabistro, though she is also a Lead Blogger for NY Creative Interns and a regular volunteer for various comic conventions (New York Comic Con, MoCCA Fest). Steph enjoys reading every little bit of text she can possibly find, eating delicious and exotic-sounding foods, and going on random adventures in and around New York City. She also really appreciates air conditioning/space heaters in their respective seasons and loves writing about herself in the third person for blog bios.

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