Inspiration for Your Online Presence: 17 Awesome Recruiter LinkedIn Profiles

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Note: the article was originally published in 2016 and updated over time. Please check LinkedIn directly for the current profiles of people included in our article.

Your first professional point of contact online is your LinkedIn page. Period. It doesn’t matter if they chased you there via your Twitter or your website (don’t have one yet?! here’s why you should get one and here’s how); if you’re a professional, you’re on LinkedIn, and that profile matters.

But what if you’re not sure what your profile should look like?

The very best people to look at for profile tips are the people who look at them the most. Recruiters constantly look at LinkedIn profiles, adding and taking candidates off their list because of what they see there.  And the better the recruiter’s own profile is, the better it reflects on the company they’re representing as well– and the same applies to your personal branding.

Our FindSpark recruiters know how to create a profile! All of the recruiters listed have worked with FindSpark, and we’re super glad to have them in the community. This list is in alphabetical order by last name ~because there’s no real way to quantify the amazingness of these folks.

Check these profiles out as examples on how to improve your LinkedIn presence!


Janel Abrahami, Coordinator, Talent Management, NBCUniversal Media, LLC:
Janel has been with the FindSpark Community since 2012, contributing, attending, and being an all-around model member. Her contributions and activity with us have made a gigantic impact on what we focus on and taught us a lot.


Her summary is obviously amazing, going through her job history and her internal motivations, and leaves an impression that she is passionate, dedicated, and hard-working.



Erika Beckles, Senior Recruiter, Disney ABC Television Group:
Erika’s summary is short and succinct, but she attached a link to her summary


that highlights a cause she’s passionate about, and an award given to her by that cause. This shows dedication and the extra distinction shows off her ability to accomplish things more than a list of responsibilities does.

I’ve seen her personally coach some of our community members on their resumes and answer their interview questions at a FindSpark workshop, and the passion that that small addition she added to her profile really reads.


Delia Camasca, Talent Acquisition Executive and Social Media Manager, TV Media Careers:
Delia’s summary takes us through interesting parts of not just her job history in Human Resources but her other talents and experience in the industry she’s representing. This proves her competency not just because of her hiring experience, but from her experience on all sides.


She also mentions that she’s a frequent public speaker and a part-time career coach; two aspects that make her an all-star recruiter. She’s spoken at several FindSpark events at the New School, FindSpark Influencer Night, FindSpark Opp Mixer, and at our last Hustle Summit in January (next one coming up in July!)


Carla Casamona, Sr. Talent Acquisition, Shutterstock:
Carla’s joined us for the New School Opp Mixer before. She includes a bunch of awesome articles and press releases about Shutterstock in her profile.


This is great not only for her company, as it raises brand awareness and helps improve employer branding, it does a lot for the look of her profile.


The articles make it look fuller, and adds a touch of professional color.


Essence Dashtaray, Campus Recruiter, Human Resources, Viacom:
Essence’s summary is short and straight to the point listing all of her skills, including the unique one: fluency in Farsi. She also lists the company Twitter she uses, and has an impressive set of social media experience.


Her job description includes a listed organization and an award; two awesome distinctions that make her stand out. Essence has recruited with FindSpark at our Summer Opp Mixers.



Eric Di Monte, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Univision:
Eric has several pieces on Univision, and his job description is one big love letter to Univision! Eric has coached with us at our Next Level Personal Branding: Social Media & Your Career Workshop.


If you’ve read the description and aren’t convinced that Univision is the place to be hired, we don’t know what would convince you.



Carolyn Ernst, Manager Talent Acquisition: Creative (Digital & Print), Visual, and Store Design:
Carolyn’s summary is fun, professional AND includes her contact info! She’s hired with us at the New School.


She not only goes through her own specialties and skills, she includes details that let candidates get a heads up on the competition if they pay attention.


She also contributes to employer branding by mentioning work environment, perks, and benefits of working at Bloomingdales.


Lauren Fernandez, Senior Recruiter at SocialCode:
Lauren worked hard for her Professional Recruiter Certification so it’s at the top of her summary!


Certifications are definitely underutilized on LinkedIn, but having one or more really boosts credibility and makes an impression. Lauren has attended January’s Hustle Summit, listed on our amazing job board, and helped mentor at one of our resume workshops.


Meredith Gazes, Campus Recruiter at AOL:
We knew Meredith as a community member when she was at The Odyssey, we met her at a workshop, and we’re so glad she’s grown to her new role!


It also gives a short and sweet list of her responsibilities and skills. Her job history gives a great little overview of The Odyssey as a company, which really improves their employer branding, especially for a smaller company.


Dan Geiger, Recruiter, Buzzfeed:
Dan has a hilarious and unique summary, and he was just as cool when he repped Buzzfeed at Hustle Summit!


It includes calls to action and “what not to dos” which is perfect for a public recruiter at a company as big as Buzzfeed.



Victor Gonzalez, Talent Acquisition Consultant, The Madison Square Garden Company:
Victor includes a list of core competencies in his summary which is perfect for any candidate or employer to know. He’s mentored with us at an interview workshop.


He includes his email which is super convenient for candidates with questions or those who want a one-up on the competition, and makes it clear in his competencies that he hires for some specific categories. His job description also promotes Madison Square Garden, which is great for employer branding!


Nasha Holguin, Junior Talent Acquisition Partner – Campus, IPG Mediabrands:
Nasha was a community member who was hired through FindSpark at IPG! She was then sent back to represent IPG at last summer’s Hustle Summit, which is crazy awesome.


Her job history is extensive and highlights IPG as a company, promoting employer branding and proving dedication. She also includes a detailed section for organizations, laying out the causes she cares about, especially as a Hofstra alumnus.



Justin Mahmud, Marketing Recruiter, Executive Talent Acquisition, Macy’s:
Justin joined us for our recent No Stress Networking event for to-be grads and recent grads. He really uses the summary to its fullest potential and the same creative passion came out during the event!


Not only does it characterize him as a motivated and determined “disruptor”, it touches upon his view of his role, and discusses his side hustle and philosophy.


His links brand him as a professional who’s super passionate about his work, and he has a certification to show for it!


Tanya Robinson, Recruiter, Oscar Insurance:
Tanya joined us for our January Hustle Summit! Her summary is short and concise, and her job description has numbers as well as qualifying verbs, but what makes her stand out is that her profile is FULL of recommendations.



Hit up your old bosses, supervisors, coworkers, and professors for a short written recommendation, and offer to write one up for a friend.


Kristen Rock, Director of Talent Acquisition: The Engine Group; Deep Focus, The Moment Studio, Synergy and PAA:
Kristen’s summary and job history are well-thought out, from the historical run-down she gives about her work journey, to her list of tasks and responsibilities she has in her current role.


She’s previously attended a recruiting event at the New School and spoke on a panel at LIM!


Joann Rodriguez, Talent Acquisition Manager, Viacom:
Joann has been with us as a recruiter since 2013, attending two opp mixers, Find Spark Fest, and Hustle Summit! Not only does Joann’s summary take you through her motivations, years of experience, and highlight her current company, she includes her Twitter handle at the end of it.


Social media engagement is so important with the current and upcoming hiring pool and Joann proves that she knows that.


Andrew Tuchfeld, Recruiter, Blue Apron:
Andrew’s job description gives a great run-down of the company he represents, and the articles he attached to it support his excitement.


This is paired with a summary that is short, succinct, and purely informational.


We love our recruiters.

Their work fuels FindSpark. We look for the best companies and the best people to invite to join our community, and grow our roster every year!


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