3 Important Questions Candidates Need to Ask at Job Interviews

Delia Camasca is a recruiter with almost 20 years of experience under her belt and an impressive resume that includes companies like Macy’s, the Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, CNN & more. She is sharing the three questions that you must ask before an interview’s over to quickly gain a well-rounded understanding of expectations before you accept a role. 

Accepting any new role means taking a chance, but if you need a little extra reassurance that the new role and company are the right fit, these three questions can give you insight into the role and company.

3 questions to ask during every interview

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1. How do you measure success?

This is probably the most important thing to ask. Not all companies measure success the same way even if it’s for the same role. Today companies are turning more and more towards analytics and a job you would think is not data-driven is now very data-driven. It will reveal what’s expected from your performance.

2. What resources will this role have in order to perform the job?

This will give you an idea if you’ll have the tools you’ll need to be successful at your job. Some companies don’t or can’t invest in tools, software or even computers due to limited budgets or start-up funds. This is particularly true if the role is a non-revenue generating department.

3. What potential challenges will this role be faced with?

This is your opportunity to shine. Listen carefully to what the interviewer says and then offer specific examples from your experience that shows how you can overcome these challenges. If you don’t have examples then you’ll at least better understand the situation.

3 questions to ask during every interview

Need questions to ask before you get to the interview stage? Here are three questions to ask if you only have a few minutes to speak to a recruiter at a networking event. 

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