3 Incredibly Inspirational Talks: Evan Roth, Alexis Ohanian, and Christina Xu

Below are fantastic talks from a few of NYCi’s personal heroes. These are people who inspire us to make things happen. We also really admire their presentation style. They are all extremely captivating and keep the audience engaged by showing fantastic visuals and making folks laugh.

IRL: Alexis recently spoke at our NY Creative Interns event, and Christina has a foundation named after one of our favorite words…awesome.

Alexis speaking at our event with Hashable and Shelby.tv


Evan Roth on “Freedom, Art, and Viral Media.”

Alexis Ohanian on Working at A Startup at our NYC Interns Hash It Up Event


Christina Xu on “The Importance of Being Awesome.”


What are some of your favorite talks? Share in the comments.