3 Strategies that Should be Used by Creative Founders

Many creative thinkers find it difficult to transform their passion into a sustainable business model. Despite wanting to make a living around innovative thinking, many creators are slow to utilize their creative mindset when crafting business plans. Knowledge of these three techniques can help you apply your creative skills.

1.  Design Thinking.

Think outside the box: learn to tackle new issues with the same methods used by artists solving design queries. Rather than using the scientific method, which is largely problem focused, design thinking starts with a solution in mind. With a set end-goal, you will have something tangible to work towards, rather than just working from a base of information.

2.  Gamification.

Gamification is the use of the system of rewards which we associate with games to encourage engagement and feedback from viewership. One of the biggest new trends in data collection, Gamification has found applications in many industries and helps break down the barriers between companies and consumers.

3.  Multi-Platform Storytelling.

Don’t let your medium of creativity limit the scope or reach of your narrative. Learn to understand and utilize the strengths of different storytelling platforms to get the most out of your story, and to reach the widest possible target audience.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs and those starting their creative businesses? Share in the comments!

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