3 Things to Do Before Moving to a New City

Moving can be one of the scariest things you do in your life; there’s just so much risk in moving to a new city. You leave your friends, your family, your comfort; it’s a rough transition. But moving can also be one of the best decisions you make! As a suburban southern Californian, I could not help but want to move to the city and take the adventure of a lifetime. I am so happy to be here and living my dream! However, before you decide to take the plunge and move to New York City, or any city, there are some things you really need to consider before you pack your bags and say your goodbyes.


Where are you going to live? Moving to a city is usually expensive. Rent is high, space is limited, and location is an important factor to consider. For those moving long term, make sure to check out the neighborhoods that surround your area of interest. There are so many options in New York City, from Manhattan, to Brooklyn, to Queens. For those moving for a summer, check out this article on dorms and sublets for the summer.

Do you have a job or are you looking? In an ideal world, you would have a job before you pick up and leave your current situation, but that may not be the case. The FindSpark job board is an amazing resource. Whether you are looking before you move or once you move, it should be the first place you check.

Why are you moving? This is probably the most important factor to think about before making the move. Moving is exciting and the idea of starting fresh is intoxicating. It is easy to say I am going to move and start a new adventure, but there are major realities to consider and you need to have a reason for leaving your current situation. In life, chances should be taken in addition to identifying the basis behind your feelings. Write out your reasons for moving or talk them out with a trusted confidant – analyzing your thoughts will help clarify the decision.

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Once you’ve moved…

Welcome to the city that never sleeps!  This is an exciting time – congrats. The city is an amazing place filled with adventure and potential. Although I am only here for the summer, moving to New York City has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding times in my life. Check out this article on networking and meeting people so you can live out an experience of a lifetime.

Have you recently moved to a big city? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Comment below!

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Emily Leung is a student pursuing a degree in Communication Studies. Born and raised in sunny California, she is so excited to be joining the FindSpark Team and is looking forward to the many new opportunities this summer. When she isn’t working or studying, Emily enjoys spending time with friends, family, shopping, and drinking coffee. If you want to know get to know Emily a bit more check out her twitter and linkedin.

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