3 Tips for Landing a Full-Time Job Before You Graduate

Landing a great job after graduation is at the top of everyone’s to do list. You may think that your job search starts after graduation, but it doesn’t have to. I accepted an amazing opportunity a semester before I graduated, and I couldn’t be happier. Below are the tips I used to snag my job – and that you can use to land your first job – before you graduate. FindSpark Land the Job

Be a standout intern.

I started at my current employer as an intern almost a year ago. I made copies, answered phones, and did other general intern tasks. But I did them all with enthusiasm and to the best of my ability. My bosses took notice of my work ethic and began trusting me with bigger projects, which gave me more opportunities to excel.

Inquire about a position.

If you love where you’re working, let them know! Employers aren’t mind readers. When my internship came to a close, I met with my supervisors and told them how much I had enjoyed the experience, and how much I enjoyed the company. I specifically told them that I would like to continue working for them and asked if they had any opportunities. Lucky for me they were looking for a new executive assistant to work three days per week. While not every employer will have a position open for you, if you express interest they will keep you in mind when something does open up.

Speak up.

Whether you’re an intern or an employee, speak your mind. Have an idea to improve productivity? Share it. Think you can take on a new task? Tell your boss. Sharing your ideas and offering to help shows that you’re a team player and you’re invested in the company’s success. Once I started as an assistant I took the initiative to design a website for the company, something my bosses had been meaning to do. They were impressed by my hard work and creativity in designing the site, and they appreciated that I had taken it upon myself to fix something that I saw was a problem. There’s no magic way to guarantee you’ll get a job, but these tips will help you stand out to your employers and make sure they know you’re interested in being part of their team. While I followed these tips and worked my hardest, timing was definitely a factor. I was fortunate that my bosses were looking for a full time employee at the same time I was looking for a job.

Do you have any tips for landing a great job? Tell us in the comments!

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