3 Ways To Be More Social at Work & Why It Pays Off

Let’s face it, being more social puts you on top of the social chain. You are the Facebook Elite, the Twitter Master, and the Instagram Legend. Though in human form, if you are not a social butterfly, an archaic charmer, or a gregarious innovator, you may be hurting your career.

Research shows that when your relationships between people at work are above and beyond, you have a psychologically higher sense of empowerment and a higher sense of personal achievement. In addition, you feel that the people you work with are in unison with you and your visions, which is an important factor in reducing overall stress and emotional burn out.

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Being Social Pays Off

Research on sociability finds that people who initiate office friendships, give advice or help coworkers with their work and organize workplace social activities are 40% more likely to get a promotion in the next two years. Shawn Achor, the author me of The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance At Work, says, “How much you give at work directly affects how much you get at work.” He is a supporter of positive psychology in the work place, and that being positive, outgoing and social can help your career tremendously.

Here are three ways to enhance visibility in your sector:

Lunch (Om Nom Nom…)

The perfect time to mingle with co-workers and to be yourself. Being professional and sociable can go hand in hand. And promotions do happen when your boss likes you and when you do above average work. Make that known, humbly. And, if you don’t have time for lunch during the day, as most people say they don’t, then you are not respecting your brain or body. Your brain needs the food you eat to perform optimally, stay focused, and to stabilize your mood. Eating food is a very important requirement on my to do list, and it should be yours, too.

Timing Is Everything

Can you walk up to your boss, start a cheerful conversation and then head back to work feeling accomplished? Pat yourself on the back. Being able to charismatically walk up to your boss and start a cheerful conversation not only helps alleviate stress and tension at work, but you also feel more human. Once you start thinking in terms of equality, or, that essentially everyone is human, you sink into your true self, become grounded or “down to earth”. If we feel separate , or not a part of something, overtime this can lead to duality and excess stress. Timing is important because if your boss looks clearly drained and busy, it might not be the best time to strike up a conversation on the weather and global warming. Also, be more aware of the people you work with. If you become grounded you will naturally be prone to receiving better intuition on timing. Meditation is an excellent tool for becoming grounded and research shows that your brain is better at adapting to new situations, such as being social with new people and handling stress. The development of the brain, such as creating positive neuronal pathways, works more synergistically when you meditate.

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Host a Social Event at Work

Anyone can host a party. Understand how to deepen your connections at work by observing the people you work with and how they get close professionally. You may just need to go out to lunch with every person there – get to know them. Maybe there are one or two (hopefully not more) that you really don’t like. That’s okay – don’t go out to lunch – but don’t avoid them, either. It takes more energy to avoid someone than it does to simply acknowledge that they exist. It will also help you build the social tools you need to work with people in the future.

If you want to host an event, get in touch with HR and have them send out a mass email to everyone in your department, or get them to forward you the info.

Here are some work-related themes:

  • Charity
  • Education/awareness
  • Networking with another business or institution
  • Showcasing art work in your office
  • Wine and cheese
  • Out of office party (rooftops!)
  • Hire an event photographer

Insider Tip: I like to have a bird’s eye view in my head where ever I am, including networking events. I tend to know who to go and speak to – and feel connected to everyone there.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

– Audrey Hepburn

What are some successful events you have hosted? Do you think making eye contact with your peers is important? Check out the video below to find out what else you could add to YOUR to do list.

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