5 Things to do Before a Networking Event


Before a networking event, we always go through a mental check list. Do you have a resume? Check. A business card? Maybe next time. Hustle Summit is just a couple weeks away and we want to make sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks – here are five things you should do before a networking event:

Update Your Resume & Cover Letter, Linked-In and personal website
The first thing you should do before any networking event is make sure all of your credentials are up-to-date. Add your current job to your resume, read over your Linked-in and add trigger words, and spruce up your personal website. These extra small steps will make sure you’re prepared to meet a potential employer.

Do your Research, Make a Game Plan and Get on Social Media
Before any networking event, do research about the event. You should know which companies, or people, will be there, what the event’s mission is, etc. Make a game plan of which companies/professionals you want to speak with and have a list of questions you want to ask them. Also, make sure to follow these companies/professionals on social media to help you learn a little bit more about them before the event. It can also help direct any questions you have about them or what they do.

Practice your Personal Statement
As silly as it may sound, write out your introduction/personal statement. Practice it out loud, even  in front of a mirror. These employers and professionals will meet so many individuals at that event, so how will you stand out during your first impression? Have a prepared “elevator pitch” of who you are, what you currently do and what your goal is for attending the event. This will help make conversations flow easier and the companies will get to you know you too.

Put Together a Snazzy Outfit
You can never be overdressed or over-prepared. Make sure you’re dressed appropriate for the event – most are business casual – so wear something nice, and wear comfortable shoes you can stand in all night! Make sure it’s steamed/ironed, and you feel like a rockstar!

Prepare Your “Get Sh*t Done” bag
Make sure to have your essentials readily available during the event. Make sure to have extra copies of your resume to hand out, business cards for all of your new connections, chargers for your phone or tablet (FYI, Hustle Summit will have a changer station – we got chu!), and extra necessities like breath mints (no one likes a gum smacker) and the good ole’ fashioned pen and paper. Add anything else you may need for the event, such as water or your portfolio.

  • Extra copies of your resume
  • Business cards
  • Electronic device chargers
  • Breath Mints
  • Pen & Paper


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