6 Tips for Staying Strong Under Stress

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Whether you’re starting a new job with new responsibilities, or taking new classes to begin a new school year, all the change going on lately can make way for stress.

Stay Strong Under Stress

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As easy as it is to get overwhelmed, it can be just as simple to decompress. Keep this list in mind next time you start to feel anxious.

1. Look at Friendly Reminders

Let’s face it; our desk ends up being the place we spend most of our hours. So rather than keeping your desk space limited to office supplies and books, make sure to decorate it with friendly reminders of the things that you love. Whether it be a small ceramic animal, a monogrammed mug, or some printed Instagram photos of your closest friends, keeping friendly reminders on your desk will give your eyes something to gaze at every few minutes, if even for just a second, to remind your of your life outside the current dilemma.

2. Take 5 Minute Breaks

Don’t underestimate the power of five minutes. Taking a quick break from your task can be the difference between mental exhaustion and feeling refreshed and ready. Take a quick walk around the block or office, chat with a coworker, or browse Twitter for a few minutes. Distracting yourself for just a tiny amount of time is actually helpful every so often.

3. Make Lists of Everything

To-do lists might feel tedious, but the simple act of writing down everything you need to accomplish can help you to immediately feel organized, and the satisfaction of getting to cross things off that list is undeniable! Next Steps lists are also key to helping you relax after receiving a ton of feedback on an assignment. Go through your sloppy notes and type up a bulleted list of next steps you need to take to address the feedback given. It’ll help you build a plan for attacking any assignment.

4. Set Deadlines

Approaching final client- or professor-issued deadlines can be anxiety-provoking, to say the least. So instead of waiting for that time, give yourself deadlines for assignments – that are a few days before your final assignments are due. Give yourself a date by which your first draft will be due, a date by which you’ll ask a peer or supervisor to review your work, and a date for revisions to be completed. That way, when it is time for delivering your work, all you’ll have to do is hit “Send.”

5. Read Inspiring Words

Keep a notebook or Pinterest board where you record all the great, inspiring quotes you’ve read. Then when your stress level is rising, simply take one of those five minute breaks to read through the motivational quotes. Tell yourself you’re awesome and know you can achieve great results.

6. Dance to the Beat in Your Seat

Some people think total silence is the ideal environment for working, but sometimes just listening to your favorite song on repeat can be therapeutic while doing work. Eventually your brain tunes the music out for the most part, but you don’t get left feeling tired from all the silent air around you. Try it out; it just might get you pumped up and re-energized for a few minutes!

Hopefully these small ideas can make a big impact in keeping your stress levels down. If you’re feeling stressed about the bigger picture, perhaps some actionable tips about making the most of your current ‘transition’ job could help as well. Also remember to always keep a clear, positive outlook and a focused mind on the task at hand. This will help you feel in control and keep things under control!

What are some other tactics you use to stay strong under stress?

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