7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Presence Right Now


Fall is upon us, and that means back to school, new internships and networking events! In addition to keeping that resume in tip-top shape, it’s really important to continually update and upgrade your LinkedIn profile too. While LinkedIn is great for keeping you connected to your network, it also gives you a chance to show off your professional brand and has the potential attract new opportunities, so you should make sure that your profile is up-to-date and strong.

Here are just a few easy tips to enhance your LinkedIn presence right now:

Add a Professional Picture

Your picture is your first chance to make an impression on whoever is looking at your profile. Make sure it’s a professional picture, like a head shot, instead of a selfie.

Create a Custom URL

Make your profile easy to find with a custom URL. It’s so easy! Go to “edit profile”, click the “edit” button next to the URL below your photo, then under “Your Public Profile URL, customize it to something easily remembered and professional, like your name.

Create an Interesting Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is view-able in searches and is also one of the first things people see when they visit your page. Make it stand out in a way that tells people exactly who you are and what you are looking for. It doesn’t have to just be your current position. Include what you’re good at, like “millennial expert”, what you want to do next, like “aspiring experiential marketing professional” and what you stand for, like “diversity champion”.

Put Your Summary First and Make it Interesting

Your LinkedIn summary is your pitch to the world. Move it to the very top, so it’s one of the first things visitors see, and include what you are working on now and where you want to go next.

Add Rich Media to Your Experience

Whether its photos, design work, a project deck, a portfolio piece or web links, rich media definitely enhances your profile and makes you stand out from others with similar backgrounds. It provides a clearer picture of the projects you worked on as well as your skills and capabilities.

Add Projects You’ve Worked On

Have you worked on a project at an internship or as a student leader that you are particularly proud of but aren’t sure where to put it on your profile? That’s where the Projects section comes in. Here you can highlight an important project and give a more in-depth description of how you contributed and what you gained from it.

Make Sure People Can See that You Viewed Their Profile

A lot of people turn this feature off, but it can be really beneficial! Under “privacy & settings”, then “privacy” and “profile viewing options”. When people see that you’ve viewed their profile, you get on their radar and chances are they will look at your profile too. You never know who could see something that stands out on your page and reach out with a great opportunity!

Do you have any great LinkedIn tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments!


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Taylor Sinkway is Community & Marketing Coordinator at FindSpark. She is a recent graduate of Hofstra University, and a Jersey Girl at heart. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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