7 Twitter Tips for Job Hunters

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I love Twitter. Through Twitter, I have made great friends, gained a real presence in some big communities, and have even gotten an interview for my dream job. It is a tool that has allowed me to connect on a one-to-one level with people and brands in a way I never thought possible.

Here are some tips and tricks that I find incredibly useful when communicating on Twitter:

1.    Come up with a good handle.

Pick a name that speaks to what you do, or at least makes sense. You should be comfortable saying this name to people both on a personal and professional level.

2.    Take time to set up your account.

Make sure your picture is a good headshot that you are clearly visible in. It might also be helpful to have the same picture across all of your different networking platforms so people can easily recognize you.

Your 160-character bio should clearly articulate who you are. If you’re looking for a simply format, this is a good one:

What you do | What you’ve done | Something fun (quote, something you like etc) and your email address.

3.    Know your industry.

Pick the industry you are in (or hoping to be in), and search and follow the leaders in that space. Analyze how they are using Twitter. Who are THEY following? What types of things are they tweeting? What types of people follow them? It’s important to hone in on the voice of your industry as you start putting content out into the Twitter world. This will help you attract like-minded people.

4.    Organize your streams.

Lists are a great way to do this. They help you organize the accounts you follow into different categories so you don’t have to keep going through the entire feed to find what you’re looking for.

Different web tools also help organize and separate your streams, as well as do keyword searches. My personal favorite is Hootsuite, which has a free version. But don’t be afraid to experiment.

5.    Build a following.

Start re-tweeting, quoting and favoriting any posts you find interesting or helpful, or that you just plain like. Giving credit, especially when its due, can go a long way on Twitter.

You can also mention or reply to people to get their attention.  Whether it’s complimenting someone’s work or following up with a tweet instead of an email, it is often much more effective and personal than an email.

6.    #Hashtags

Hashtags are Twitter conversations. You can participate in conversations that have occurred in the past and ones that are occurring as we speak. They are called “Trending Topics”. You should follow the topics you are interested in, such as #mensfashion or #funnycatvideos. They allow you to meet people within your field and garner some insight into what they are doing.

7.    The job hustle.

Employers are increasingly listing job opportunities on Twitter before they are even on the job board. So if you’re searching for a job, especially in the social media industry, keep your eyes peeled for that.

It’s also a good pre- and post- interview tool. Reach out to the hiring managers after you apply, and reach out to your interviewers after you’ve interviewed for the job, thanking them.

Do you have any tips for tweets? Let us know in the comments.


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