Are you RECording? Learn about hitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Collaborative Production Company

We love seeing interesting ways of getting things DONE, whether it’s The Behance Network or open office spaces such as the Wix Lounge.  It must be why we are so excited about our next event on September 21,  Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs To Be An Entrepreneur.  In the spirit of learning about how creatives can also use their talents to be entrepreneurs, we decided to highlight Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s project hitRECord.

hitRECord is a professional open collaborative production company that exists solely on the site as a means of having creatives collaborate together on projects (it does sound quite a bit like Behance). The following is a walk-through on the features of the hitRECord site.

First step, sign up for an account. Then hit RECORD (or decide to create).


Like Behance, you can make comments or suggestions on different “RECords” people upload under “Conversations.”

“Featured” Reel
Every day, Joseph (or “Regular Joe” as he’d like to refer to himself) goes through all the new RECords that are being released (RECords are projects or ideas that people post on their profile) and when he wants to direct the community’s creative energy towards something in particular, he features it on the “Featured” reel.   As hitRECord Joe says, “some Featured RECords are already quite polished, while some just show a lot of potential, but these are the ones that I’d first encourage you to download and do something with. Refine them, revise them, remix them, reRECord them.”

Under the “Collaborate!” tab is where the magic happens.  Here is where users can start projects and invite the community to collaborate.


The Reel
The Reel is where the best of hitRECord is shared.  The current collaborative project to get in on is for “Tiny Book/Tiny Stories.”  Originally a RECord started by wirrow, the first “Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” was printed independently, but now hitRECord is partnering with IT Books and HarperCollins to publish “Tiny Stories” as a series.  You can be a part of the project by doing one or all of the following:

—Write a new Tiny Story
—Make an album.
—Find a story you like and illustrate it!

Contribute and find more details here, plus check out a cool video about the project.


If you want to learn more about all the great things happening at hitRECord, follow EVERYTHING below:

hitRECord Twitter
hitRECord Tumblr
hitRECordJoe – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Twitter

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