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From the very beginning, Reb's vision for FindSpark was to be the resource she wished she had in college while navigating through internships, networking, school and trying to be a social media mega superstar. She currently work as a Social Media Strategist at MKG, blogs for The Content Strategist, and consults small businesses on marketing and business development. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, going to museums, cooking, and discovering new music. She graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a Minor in Fine Arts. If you want to grab a cup of coffee, reach out to Reb on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • 5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

    5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

    If you are considering leaving a job, make sure it’s for the right reasons. ...Continue Reading

  • 5 Things To Do Before Your Internship Is Over

    5 Things To Do Before Your Internship Is Over

    The semester’s almost over…do you know the state of your internship? Below is a checklist of things to do now that you are look at the tail end of your internship. 1) Check-in With Your Manager The halfway point is the perfect time to check-in with your manager. Get their feedback on how you are...Continue Reading

  • 9 Tips On Being Your Own Job Search Cheerleader

    9 Tips On Being Your Own Job Search Cheerleader

    So you’re looking for your first job or searching for a new one. Congratulations! You are taking your future into your own hands! Grabbing the bull by the horns! You’ve studied and interned and networked like nobody’s business. You will soon be a part of the workforce and a contributing member of society! Instead of being “Bob the student/bartender/guy in...Continue Reading

  • Keynote Nusrat Durrani, SVP of MTV World

    Keynote Nusrat Durrani, SVP of MTV World

    + “My story is not interesting,” was the first thing that Nusrat Durrani, General Manager and SVP of MTV World, wanted to get across at last Saturday’s Find & Follow Your Passion at NYU. What he found compelling was our Founder Emily’s Miethner’s curiosity when they first met in 2008 at Hofstra University. He was...Continue Reading

  • Getting Back On Course

    Getting Back On Course

    Have you ever had a time in your life where you had to stop and reset course? What mindset do you adopt when work challenges you?...Continue Reading

  • Cover Letter Check List

    Cover Letter Check List

    Before you hit “submit,” take a look at our cover letter tips! Whether it’s your first cover letter or your 101st, make sure to include the following to increase your chances in scoring your dream opportunity. Make sure to include in your cover letter: Correct name of the company The name of the person who’ll...Continue Reading

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