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Steph Lippitt attended Hofstra University, where she triple-majored in Publishing, Creative Writing, and living off of less than four hours of sleep a night. She was lucky enough to get internships at three incredible companies: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Sterling Publishing. Steph is currently the Education Assistant for Mediabistro, though she is also a Lead Blogger for NY Creative Interns and a regular volunteer for various comic conventions (New York Comic Con, MoCCA Fest). Steph enjoys reading every little bit of text she can possibly find, eating delicious and exotic-sounding foods, and going on random adventures in and around New York City. She also really appreciates air conditioning/space heaters in their respective seasons and loves writing about herself in the third person for blog bios.
  • First Time Fashion Fears

    First Time Fashion Fears

    Not everyone is born with an amazing fashion sense or even has someone to teach them that there's a difference between regular clothes and clothes meant for the office. If you feel like you fit that description, you're not alone. There are plenty of people, especially newcomers to the business world, who don't know how to dress professionally. And sometimes, that translates tino some pretty hilarious stories. ...Continue Reading

  • October is Style Month at NY Creative Interns

    October is Style Month at NY Creative Interns

    Though it may seem low on the list of important professional traits to have in one's repertoire, a sense of fashion in business is actually quite important. Your choice of clothes could be the deciding factor between getting/keeping a job and going back home to another day of scouring the internet for open opportunities. Don't be fashionably late for our discussions about office dress-- submit your business fashion questions as a comment....Continue Reading

  • Meet the Volunteers: Sara Brink

    Meet the Volunteers: Sara Brink

    NY Creative Interns is excited to introduce you to Sara Brink, one of the amazing volunteers on our team....Continue Reading

  • September is Personal Finance Month

    September is Personal Finance Month

    September is Personal Finance Month. This month, we will teach you the difference between banks and credit unions, explain the best way to go about getting a small business loan in New York, and answer any and all questions that you have about the financial aspects of life. Read this post to see how you can submit questions about personal finance. ...Continue Reading

  • Help solidify your ideas with

    Help solidify your ideas with

    There's now a website that will help you judge whether or not your idea is ready to take the world by storm. It's called, a brilliant infographic that can help you determine if you project is "awesome or awful." We caught up with the site's creators and asked them a few questions about their project; their answers may surprise you, so come check it out. ...Continue Reading

  • Wild Card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

    Wild Card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

    In a digital-focused world, is there really a need to carry around physical business cards? We think yes; let us tell you why. Plus, where to get cheap personalized business cards that don't sacrifice quality. ...Continue Reading

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