The 9 Most Badass Female Bosses From TV & Movies


Now more than ever we need to inspire females to take the lead and be a boss! Currently only about 5% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women, but this number is on the rise.

Whether you’re running a company, managing a team at work or taking on a leadership role as school, we could all use someone to look up to.

There are many different leadership styles shown in female leaders on television and in movies. Here are our 9 favorite examples to help inspire you as leaders.


Miranda Priestly – Devil Wears Prada


While it’s not great to have employees fear you as much as Miranda Priestly did, she was a great leader because she had high expectations for her employees. This inspired them to put their best high heeled foot forward and work hard.

Liz Lemon- 30 Rock


Liz Lemon is the type of leader who is not afraid to get to get her hands dirty and work on the same level as her team. This is a great skill to have if you’re leading a team of creatives.

Olivia Pope- Scandal


Olivia Pope is a leader who knows how to handle a crisis and get sh*t done. She is a master delegator who knows the strengths of her team members to maximize their effectiveness.

Jules- The Intern


Jules is an admirable leader because even as a CEO she cares about all the meticulous details of her business and inspires her employees.

Leslie Knope- Parks and Recreation


Leslie Knope is the go-to leader for boosting team morale and making all of her employees feel important, even Jerry.

Peggy Olson- Mad Men


Peggy is a groundbreaking leader because she worked her way up from a secretary to head copy-writer of a major advertising agency, despite the rampant workplace sexism of the 1960s.

Selina Meyer- Veep


President Meyer is a master at handling chaos and rolling with the punches. As Commander in Chief, not only does she have to lead a team, she has to inspire a nation.

Paris Geller- Gilmore Girls


Paris Geller is controversial, but a great leader because she was organized, driven and expected the best work from her team members.

Wilhemina Slater- Ugly Betty


Wilhemina Slater is a boss because she doesn’t let the opinions of others get in the way of running a fashion magazine. She had a hard exterior, but when push came to shove she cared about her employees.


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