The Ultimate List of Paid Internship Programs in New York City

You’ve refined your resume, mastered the art of a personalized cover letter, polished your online presence, and marked your calendar for upcoming epic networking events. All that’s left to do is find a position that fits your skill set, and apply to a company that catches your eye.

However, if you’re just starting out on your job journey, or have adjusted your career path, it’s hard to find a role that combines your desire to learn, with your ability to do. That’s where internships come in.

New York hosts some of the most amazing companies, but getting noticed isn’t a simple 1-2-3 step process; oftentimes, you need more experience or connections. Internships are a great stepping stone, allowing you to get familiar with a company and show them what you’ve got — and persuade them to give you a shot at the conclusion of the internship!

Here’s our picks for the best of the best, so you can apply hassle free. Start your countdown to get hired in 3…2…1!


Showtime Networks

Photo cred: glassdoor/Showtime

Showtime is simply the television network behind some of the most acclaimed TV shows out there! From The L Word to Shameless and Homeland, they are the ones responsible for so many of the binge-watching marathons we all love so much. This is your chance to go behind the scenes and work for the shows you follow religiously.

Industry: TV Network | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Marketing, Social Media, Editorial

Who Can Apply: Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students

Eater, the go-to for the trendiest recipes among the foodie community

Photo cred:

Eater, the digital publication with all the updates and best recipes trending worldwide, is part of Vox Media and it comes with the perks of being a branch of one of the biggest names in digital publishing. Ready to be surrounded by like-minded foodies trying all sorts of flavors and still get to put all that on your resume? Come hungry for this position.

Industry: Publishing | Careers/Internship page

Types of Roles: Creative, Editorial

Estée Lauder

Photo cred:

The Estée Lauder Companies is one the global leaders in prestige beauty with brands such as DKNY, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and many others under their belt. Some of the many incredible highlights are their 25+ brand portfolio, offices worldwide, and partnerships with the biggest experts in the cosmetic/ beauty industry. If you daydream about the hues of lipstick and shades of eye-shadow, stop dreaming and apply now!

Industry: Cosmetics | Careers/Internship page

Types of Roles: Corporate, Creative, Human Resources

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Grads

ABC Television/Disney: a widely known and loved broadcast TV network

Photo cred:

ABC Television/Disney is the firm of Disney ABC Television Group (part of The Walt Disney Company) and offers opportunities in radio and publishing, as well as global entertainment and television industries. Their platforms probably ring a bell: ABC Television Network, Disney Channels Worldwide, Freeform… all familiar, right? Their internships appeal to any media-minded student, but recent grads will definitely flock to their Disney College Program. Interested in learning more? That’s a rhetorical question: of course, you are! See below.

Industry: Broadcast Media | Careers/Internship page

Types of Roles: Corporate, Creative, Entertainment, Operations/Travel, Sales/Marketing, Technology/Digital

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Grads (within 6 months of graduation date)

Arnold Worldwide: a globally recognized creative advertising agency

Photo cred: Arnold Worldwide Instagram (@arnold_worldwide)

Arnold Worldwide has made its mark nationwide. Aside from having offices across 10 different countries (they’re based in Boston), their clients include Progressive Insurance, Jack Daniel’s, New Balance, Carnival Cruise Lines and The Hershey Company. Sounds like a real treat, right? That’s why their intern program is so sought after. Interns can not only expect to work hard and have fun while doing so, but revel in other perks, like: various team outings, lunch and learns, and executing a final presentation with their awesome team members—who may become longtime friends, or perhaps future colleagues!

Industry: Marketing and Advertising | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Grads, Graduate Students

CBS: a high-quality, highly respected commercial broadcast TV network

Photo cred:

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) are initials you probably know better than your own. Being a part of CBS Corporation, it’s connected to other impressive branches (like CBS Radio, CBS News, The CW, and more). With so many divisions, you’re likely to get exposed to tons of executives and cross-functional teams that are business-minded, and totally mentor-worthy. If you love shows like The Late Show with Stephen ColbertCriminal Minds, The Good Fight, and so forth, but your best foot forward and get ready to step into an intern role (and company) truly worth bragging about.

Industry: Entertainment | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Marketing, Finance, Sales, Editorial, Production, Creative, Business

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

Christie’s: the world’s leading Art Business

Photo cred: Christie’s LinkedIn Page

Christie’s global PR team is a small boutique PR agency that promotes as well as protects Christie’s. Each department is their internal client, each member of the press is their external client and each member of the PR team acts as an account executive. The department goals include supporting the specialists and their sales, raising the profile of each collecting area, but more importantly to protecting and promoting the profile of Christie’s as a whole.

Industry: Fine Art | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Recent Grads

ESPN: the worldwide leader in sports

Photo cred:

ESPN is a hybrid of The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation but stands on its own as the leading multimedia sports entertainment company. If you’re obsessed with sports and TV, you know that they’re one of the most successful sports television networks, known and loved by fans—and analyzed and broadcast by professionals. If you want to get in the athletic world without having to step on the field while putting your skills to the test, there’s no better place to get practice than starting here.

Industry: Broadcast Media | Careers/Internship Page

Frog: a strategic, well-respected design firm

Photo cred:

Frog sounds like a fun name, but this happens to be a very distinguished and innovative firm. If you love computers and electronics, you’ll be happy to learn that those are some of their many specialties. Other stats to note: they’re market movers, reality shapers, and human-experience-enhancers. All the more reason to hop on board!

Industry: Design | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Grads, Graduate Students

HBO: a favorite premium cable network among TV-obsessed Americans

Photo cred:

HBO is pretty much goals when it comes to success, being that it’s America’s most successful premium television company. Since you probably already subscribe to their channel (especially if you’re a Game of Thrones fan), you may as well help them continue to grow and be an integral part of their video content, TV guides, polls, and legion of creative pros!

Industry: Entertainment | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Business Affairs, Consumer Marketing, Corporate Communications, Creative Services, Digital Products, Documentary, Domestic Network Distribution, Finance & Accounting, HBO Entertainment, HBO Sports, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Program Strategy & Planning, Media Production & Operations

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students

IPG Mediabrands: a dynamic marketing company you need to check out.

Photo cred: figure3

IPG Mediabrands is all about providing solutions for the world’s top brands, and the agency is known for being the creative arena for buyers, thinks, planners, doers, scientists, designers and…well, you get the point. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you love communication, tech, and media, you’ll love working for IPG!

Industry: Marketing and Advertising | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Grads, Graduate Students

J. Walter Thompson: not your average international advertising agency

Photo cred:

J. Walter Thompson is a gift to marketers, and has a solid community of the most influential minds in not only New York, but within the 90 different countries where they have offices. When it comes to global advertising, no other company makes the mark it does, but you can join it and make your own incredible impact!

Industry: Marketing and Advertising | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Public Relations, Marketing, Planning, Human Resources, Management

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

L’Oreal: French cosmetics company making its mark worldwide

Photo cred:

L’Oréal is more than a hub for high-quality cosmetics. Their secret to being the best in the make-up league? Having a solid system of supportive, diverse workers that reflect the brand’s devotion to creating great products, with a community of great people. See for yourself.

Industry: Cosmetics | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Supply Chain, Human Resources, Talent Management

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

Macmillan: a beloved, international publishing company

Photo cred:

Macmillan is best defined as a group of media companies that publishes a wide range of books, magazine, and digital products. While they contribute most to consumer and education markets, they’ll also to add a little something special to your own education and professional growth!

Industry: Publishing | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources

MLB Advanced Media

Photo cred:

MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (MLBAM) is the interactive media and internet company of Major League Baseball. MLBAM manages the official league site,, each of the 30 individual club sites, and delivers live online streaming audio and video of every game as well as the most complete real-time baseball information and interactivity on the Internet and wireless devices.

Industry: Sports | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Sponsorship, League Economics, Design, Technology Services

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

NBCUniversal: a multinational media giant, with multi-dimensional talent

Photo cred:

NBCUniversal is a leading media and entertainment company, with sectors in development, marketing, production. Basically, anything that’s used to reach a broad (we mean, global) audience. Think you have what it takes to help operate a portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, and world-renowned theme parks? Don’t waste time answering: go ahead and apply.

Industry: Entertainment | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Sales, Accounting and Finance, Research, Marketing, Communications and Media Relations, Human Resources, Business Development and Strategy, Operations and Technical Services

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

News 12 Networks

Photo cred:

News 12 The Bronx is the exclusive 24-hour local news service dedicated to covering The Bronx. The cable exclusive service currently reaches over 760,000 households. News 12 The Bronx is part of News 12 Networks, which is the largest and most-watched regional news network.

Industry: Broadcast Media | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: News Editorial, News Technical, Sports, Meteorology

Penguin Random House: the ultimate general interest paperback publisher

Photo cred:

Penguin Random House is your paradise if you love to read, because they collect and work with the best authors and story tellers around — those that inspire new thoughts, ideas, and realities among readers. If you can’t live without words and want to live every day within a company that champions freedom of expression, without sacrificing cultural respect and inclusion, then it’s time that you become a part of a timeless publishing house like PRH.

Industry: Publishing | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Editorial, Finance, Graphic Design, Managing Editorial, Marketing, Online Marketing, Production, Publicity, Sales, Subsidiary Rights, Operations

Discovery Communications: the perfect place for lifestyle junkies

Photo cred:

Discovery Communications may be best known for the Food Network, but they’ve got plenty of other facets that fulfill viewers wide variety of interests, from home and travel, to food… lots of it. They’re all about building business relationships, but also solid communities. With their focus on diversity and inclusion, how could you not want to be included in this host of media platforms?

Industry: Broadcast Media | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Creative, Production, Digital, Revenue, Technology, International

The Met Museum: the largest museum in the US and in NY-er’s hearts

Photo cred:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, colloquially “the Met,” is a favorite among New Yorkers. If you love art, you’ll love working in one of the most visited art museums in the world. Simple as that.

Industry: Museums and Institutions | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

Meredith Corporation: a mass media company, perfect for magazine-heads

paid internship, career, summer internship, internship, New York

Photo cred:

Meredith Corporation (formerly Time Inc.) has over 100 news and culture brands, like Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People, InStyle, Life, Essence, Real Simple, and Entertainment Weekly to provide interns with multiple ways to make an impact, and help tell stories that make an impact too.

Industry: Publishing | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

Tommy Hilfiger: a multinational, multi-dimensional corporation

Photo cred:

Tommy Hilfiger is a leading designer best known for its lifestyle brands and the essence of their American-cool, preppy styles. If you like to dress to impress and work to, well, impress, then roll up your sleeves and apply!

Industry: Apparel & Fashion | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

The Museum of Modern Art:

Photo cred: Paula Court

The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world.

Industry: Museums | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Digital Media, Architecture and Design, Media and Performance Art, Photography, Planning, Marketing, Accounting, Communications

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students

Viacom: pretty much the most sought-after company around

Photo cred:

Viacom is a leading creator of entertainment content, with brands that engage and connect with diverse audiences. You probably know a few: MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, BET, VH1, Logo and TV Land, among others. It’s not all about bragging rights though; working here will expose you to all facets of their business, and allow you to become an integral (who knows, perhaps even permanent) part of it’s growth!

Industry: Entertainment | Careers/Internship Page

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate Students, Recent Graduates

Vice: a bold, brilliant digital media and broadcasting company

Vice Office

Photo cred:

Vice is a mighty force when it comes to print, music, online media, television, and more. It publishes a magazine that isn’t afraid to address tough topics and explore diverse cultures; subjects range from sex, music, drugs, travel, sports, food, and so on. They’re not afraid to speak their minds, so if you’re someone with a voice, contribute to this chorus of media mavens.

Industry: Publishing | Careers/Internship Page

Vimeo: a video-sharing community for original creative work and the people who create it

Vimeo is home to the world’s most imaginative videos. With more than 240 million visitors per month, the Vimeo video platform “makes life worth watching,” and the 200+ passionate and creative individuals at Vimeo HQ make the workplace worth enjoying. If you’re a junior or senior, they’ve got internship openings on some of their most exciting teams: engineering, marketing, design, & product management. And if you’re a graduate looking to rocket-launch your career, they’ve got full-time opportunities as well. Vimeo isn’t just about enjoying what you watch, but loving where you work. The Vimeo team is ruling the video world, and they’ll inspire you to conquer all your careers goals.

Industry: Internet | Careers/Internship Page

Weber Shandwick: you probably already know all about this PR firm

Photo cred:

Weber Shandwick is all about engagement and inclusion, which is why they’re super strategic about the interns they hire. You’ll help these PR pioneers contribute to the brands and organizations that they assist worldwide, and bulk up your own skill-sets in the long run as well!

Industry: Public Relations and Communications | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Media, Public Relations, Planning, Social Impact, Digital, Technology, Creative, Design, Employee Engagement, Business Development, Consumer, Crisis Communications

Trending New York: an ad agency for the modern New-Yorker

Photo cred:

Trending New York is the coolest ad agency on the block. Their face-to-face approach makes them stand out to every “advert” and no two approaches are the same. Every message recipient is crucial to Trending, and not a single detail goes unnoticed. At Trending, you’ll never do a coffee run.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising | Careers/Internship Page

Types of Roles: Marketing, Team Development, Recruitment, Team Management

What are you waiting for? Get those applications in!

Is there a company you know that we should add to this list? Had a great internship experience you’re dying to share? Share in the comments!

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