Results & Action Verbs: 19 Bullet Points to Boost Your Resume

Writing the perfect resume can be tough. It’s your one-page opportunity to blow employers away, but they usually only look at it for a second. How do you catch a recruiter’s eye with a single sheet of paper?

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Making the most of your bullet points is one of the best ways to make your resume stand out. If you’ve used words like “assisted,” “made,” “worked,” or “completed,” on your resume, it’s time to step up your game. Impress employers with action- and results-oriented bullet points that show exactly what you can accomplish. We’ve collected our favorites to give you some inspiration:

1. Raised $12k through online ticket sales for Xbox Kinect fundraiser Back Spin

2. Managed a staff of 50 students composed of reporters, camera operators and editors, supervised staff collaboration, led production meetings, managed budgets, proofed scripts, and approved final videos

3. Managed communications with 1,000+ internship applicants, 20+ startups, and 10+ sponsors

4. Constructed an integrated marketing plan for a Financial 500 Company in the financial sector (Wells Fargo) that utilized all of the CBS New York assets, including on-air, on-line, and on-site

5. Developed and supported PR outreach and user acquisition strategies, including blogger relationships and a pop-up fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

6. Produce, write, and send out bi-monthly newsletter pertaining to all Honors Program updates

7. Raised over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society

8. Planned experiential campaigns with social and digital integration, determining benchmarks for share of voice, impressions, awareness, engagement and impact

9. Answered three line phone system, directing calls to appropriate department

10. Point of contact for 2010 The Eat Out Awards, TONY’s biggest event, managed guest list of over 350 contacts

11. Scheduled and edited dozens of blog posts a month for site that receives over 150,000 average monthly page views

12. Wrote comic synopses and uploaded covers for digital library reference database; over 500 comics uploaded

13. Established World Record Day and executed all related efforts including public relations and social media marketing; resulting in 20+ events in seven countries, 100+ world record submissions, and 30+ press hits, including TV and radio.

14. Conducted social strategy & reporting for Oreo communities, growing Facebook page from 8 to 23 million fans in one year

15. Established SMASH Film Fest NYC, resulting in a two day event and 800+ ticket sales, plus press hits from New York Times, Nat Geo and

16. Implemented “TweetChats” which propelled #FindSpark as a New York trending topic

17. Coordinated between 23 different CSU schools to organize the All-CSU Honors Consortium

18. Produce and edit a newsletter that reaches over 650 students, faculty, and administration members

19. Coordinated social media backstage at MADE Fashion Week with Lexus, reaching an audience of 3 million +

What’s the most impressive line of your resume? Share your favorite accomplishments in the comments!

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