3 Reasons to Sign Up for Boot Camp

FindSpark is rolling out a new event series: Boot Camps! In a nutshell, they’re the best investment you can make for your career development.

FindSpark Boot Camp

Here is a list of the reasons why I am attending one of FindSpark’s Boot Camps and why I encourage you to as well (and I promise you, it is not just because I currently work for FindSpark):

1. This is a one stop career training extravaganza. This event will provide you with all the knowledge and tools we share at each of our events. Instead of having to attend multiple events, we will impart this wisdom to you in one place, at one time. #priceless

2. Plus, we will give you the opportunity to practice these new skills immediately. #interactiveworkshop

You will learn how to:

  • Make your LinkedIn profile stand out
  • Build a website
  • Use Twitter as a tool in your career development and/or search
  • and so much more…

3. Access to the most brilliant, unrivaled creative geniuses! (AKA my bosses, Emily Miethner & Nickie Samartino)

All joking aside, these two know their stuff and by attending this event, you get their undivided attention and individualized career advice from them. By making this investment in yourself and FindSpark, you gain access to two of the most-well connected creatives around. Just think after attending this event, you will have Emily and Nickie playing on your team, and not only rooting for you to get hired or to grow in your career, but doing everything they can to ensure that you do!

Sign up for one of our Boot Camps today:

About the Author

Taylor was the Community Outreach Assistant at FindSpark in the summer of 2014 and loves the FindSpark community. She recently accepted a full-time position and has relocated to Durham, North Carolina. For more on her, follow her @funkyinnovator and check out her website: http://tzansberg.wix.com/taylor-zansberg

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