Build Your Personal Website and Score that Internship enables you to build a free and professional online presence, just the way you want it. With a powerful drag-and-drop website editor, 100s of web apps, designer-made templates, and tons of features, Wix gives you all the tools you need to express yourself.

This year, Wix has launched its very first Wix Student Ambassador Program!

What better way to help you apply for our internship program or any, for that matter, then to give you the exact tips and tools you need to build your personal website?

These are the facts: 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website. 77% of recruiters google potential candidates to find out more about them. So make sure you’re on top and let’s build your personal, professional website now.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1:
Start with a focus.

Before you start building a site you should think about why you are building a site and who you are targeting. Are you trying to get hired for a specific role? Do you want people to read your blog? Thinking about a focus will help inform your design decisions later.

It helps to create a 1-4 different personas which represent your target audience. A persona is a fictional character that represents the different user types that might access your site. The more specific the better!

You should also think of your site as a representation of your personal brand. Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself. Think of a few key adjectives that describe you or ask your colleagues. It’s a great idea to highlight these words in your professional headline.

Step 2:
Do your research.

Start analyzing personal websites and write down what you like and want on your own site. Here are a few questions to help you start thinking analytically:
● How do they organize their categories?
● Is it one long scrolling site or separated by pages?
● What tone of voice do they use to introduce themselves?
● What kind of images do they use?
● Would you work with this person? Why or why not?Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.39.03 AM

Step 3:
Gather your content.

Create a folder on your computer with all of your images, relevant links, bio etc. Here is an easy checklist to make sure you have everything you need to build the site:
● A professional headline (One or two sentences that describe you)
● A brief bio (Be professional but you can also include a fun fact or two)
● A great headshot (Make sure this represents your professional identity)
● Contact information (Name, email and phone number should be easy to find)
● Your resume (create a text version for the site and downloadable PDF version for recruiters)
● Samples of your work (this can be as simple as a list of links, but it’s preferable to keep viewers on your website with images and rich media)
● Relevant multimedia (Do you have videos, GIFs, or presentations to embed?)
● Testimonials (Hopefully you’ve already gathered testimonials for your LinkedIn profile, but make sure to ask them if you can use their names and photos on your website)
● Social links (post links to your active social pages)

Step 4:
Select your categories.

Now that you have all your content, grab a pen and paper and write out how you will organize your content into categories. This may also be a good time to sketch out a sitemap–a basic outline of where things will go on your site.

Step 5:
Build your Wix site:

After you create your account, you will automatically be directed to a page where you can select your template. It’s a good idea to check out the personal section in the list of templates to gain design inspiration.

Amanda Bentley wix site

From FindSpark member Amanda Bentley:

Some of our favorite templates for personal sites include:
One Pager Portfolio
The Online Business Card
Curriculum Vitae

Keep design in mind while you are adding your content. You don’t want to clutter your site with too much stuff. You can always break up big blocksof text with images and videos.

Step 6:
Once you finish building your site, editing your mobile version, and optimizing your site for Google, click publish!

Make sure to promote your new site on social and update your LinkedIn profile. Send your new website link out on your social channels, tweet @wix (we just might retweet), and update your LinkedIn profile with your new website URL.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.18.48 PM
If you need any help, you can schedule a free support session in NYC at the Wix Lounge.
If you attend school in either NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, please apply for our  Wix Student Ambassador and Internship Program.


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