Make Your Presence Known: How to Build Your Personal Brand Beyond Likes and Followers

This article was produced in follow-up to Advance & Thrive: An Interactive Professional Development Night with TEKsystems on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. The Buiding Your Personal Brand Workshop was led by TEKsystems Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager Teresa Truong to showcase the larger personal brand training TEKsystems offers their new employees.

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Why do we need a personal brand? What even is a personal brand? According to TEKsystems, it’s about so much more than the content you post on LinkedIn and the number of followers you have on Instagram.

“A big part of building your personal brand is to think: how can I lean into my strengths,” says Teresa Truong, TEKsystems Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager.

During the Building Your Personal Brand Workshop at Advance & Thrive: An Interactive Professional Development Night with TEKsystems, we did just that: leaned into our strengths.

At Advance & Thrive

Step One

Text 3 people in your contacts and ask them to share with you what they think are your three biggest strengths. Their answers might surprise you. These strengths will give you the starting point from which to build on your personal brand. Showcase these strengths both professionally and personally.

Step Two: Core Values

“Choose 3-4 core values that are most meaningful to you, things that don’t usually change easily,” claims TEKsystems. During the workshop, we were provided with a pre-existing list of values, so here’s one we like for you to go off of.

Step Three: Differentiators

What are your passions? What are your specialties? What makes you unique? These passions and differentiators are what you should highlight on your social media platforms, at work, and in your daily life. The long-term career benefits of expressing your character are boundless.

Step Four: Put It All Together

Here are the substeps of how to put these main steps together to, finally, develop your brand character.

  1. Write your brand description using the weighted diagram below.

2. Combine all your brand components into one paragraph.

3. Voila! You have written yourself the elusive “short bio.” Share it on your LinkedIn, personal websites, portfolios, business cards, resumes, and everywhere you want employers to see! (Even maybe in some places you don’t. Think: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Take these exclusive tips and run with them because they could land you your next big opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity, TEKsystems is always hiring for internships and entry-level positions, so be sure to check out their open positions.

Some of the TEKsystems team at Advance & Thrive

This article was written based on the Make Your Presence Known: Building Your Personal Brand Workshop from Advance & Thrive: An Interactive Professional Development Night with TEKsystems. All tips in this article are courtesy of TEKsystems and Teresa Truong, Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager at TEK.

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