Business Card Tips for Students and Recent Grads, plus a giveaway!

MOO CardsGraduation is a scary thing. You’re sent out into the world, often times with no job. We hope you’ll be aggressive with meeting people through events and networking…but in a sea of other graduates, how do you get people to remember you?

We present to you, MOO Cards. They are our favorite place to get business cards, so we’re giving away 3 FREE packs of MOO Cards to members of the FindSpark community!

To enter our MOO Card sweepstakes, leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, April 22 at 5pm EST with the information you’d put on your cards, how you’d use them, or why you want your own!

Read on to learn how to design memorable business cards as a student or recent grad.

You might think business cards are just for people who already have jobs, but that’s not the case. Personalized business cards are a great way to remain on someone’s radar long after the handshake and chit-chat. At FindSpark, we love MOO Cards because they are easy to personalize, have beautiful templates, and you can also get creative and change the layouts, colors, add a personal logo or even photos or samples of your work.

FindSpark MOO Cards

Before you get funky, you need to make sure to include some basic information on your card:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your contact info, including your preferred phone number and email address. Make sure your email address is professional: you don’t want to get stuck with a thousand cards that say
  • Your professional online presence. We recommend including your LinkedIn and your website. Include your Twitter handle if you keep things professional.

Here are some ideas to make your cards stand out:

  • Use color. Think about your personal brand and what kind of image you want to project.
  • Include images. If you have a logo, include that on the card. If you are a photographer, designer, artist, or event producer, consider including photos of your work. MOO Cards allows you to create many different styles of card in one package, so you can include several highlights from your portfolio.
  • Want to keep it simple? Put catchy or inspiring quotes on the back of your card, and people will remember what you have to say.
  • Get creative! We’ve seen business cards that are different shapes, sizes, materials, and even stickers. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic.

Want examples of what to put on your cards? Click here.

What are you going to include on your business cards, how would you use them, or why do you want your own? Tell us in the comments section by Tuesday, April 22 at 5pm EST for a chance to win 50 free MOO Cards. We’ll pick three random winners the next week. Good luck!

40 comment on “Business Card Tips for Students and Recent Grads, plus a giveaway!

  1. I would put my wix website, my email, the specific areas of design I’m interested in and possibly a QR code :) – MOO has really nice designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win some free!

  2. I would put my name, who I am, what I do, and contact info with a picture that is sure to catch your eye and make my card stand out in a pile… Brevity is key… so everything I say would be in a word or two… a catch phrase #funkyinnovation #pickme #pickme ;-)

  3. My style is definitely to play with simple yet striking design – keep the content brief to make yourself easy to contact (Name, title, email, website, and possible social media handle). No designs on this side, a bold color like orange or turquoise on the font will do the trick. In the back? Have fun! Sometimes just a word or phrase works, but I always remember the ones with cool and vivid images/designs that really pop out and contrast with the simplicity of the opposite side.

  4. SOOOOO I love MOO Business Cards so MUCH. I have wanted to order some for so long but want to wait until I finish the ones I had made on VistaPrint first. This would be a blessing to win them! Anyways, I want my cards to be black, with white polka dots, I want my first and last name in cursive, my cell phone number, email address, a QR code that would link to my LinkedIn profile, my city/state and position. I really want to win these! #Iwanttowin #moocards #findspark #iheartfindspark #moooo

  5. Other than name, and contact info (email and social media accounts), I would also include links to any side projects or passion projects. Great way for people to see you outside in a different light outside your day gig!

  6. I already ordered MOO cards a few months back and I’m SO satisfied! I never advertise for anything that I’m not affiliated with, but they definitely have the best quality card I’ve ever seen. I’d stay simple with the information on the cards. Just my contact info (email, phone), my title and my website. Business card is a must for networking events so that where I use it the most. But even if you don’t win the MOO cards this time, it’s definitely worth it to give it a try and order yourself.

  7. My recent last pack of business cards, got messed up :( . Printing was awful. This could be so helpful! Good luck everyone!

  8. I love MOO cards. In addition to my basic information, I would definitely put the address of my personal website or blog. It gives the potential employer a chance to learn about your passions without having to read a formal cover letter.

    In this day and age having a the handle for your professional social media accounts is a must!

  9. Moo cards are pretty incredible. I try to update cards at least every six months and it’s just about that time. I would add new pictures and updated email information this time around.

  10. I would use the MOO cards to give to a person speaking at an event or a recruiter at my school so that they would remember my face when looking at the application. Hopefully they remember the conversation we had as well.

  11. Ever since attending a Find & Follow Your Passion conference last year, those 50 cards inspired me to order more from moo!
    I want to use my business cards for my upcoming senior thesis commencement exhibition at MICA, and also to network and meet talented writers/artists/chefs at the upcoming NYC Food Book Fair I’ll be going to, and for general use as I’m nearing graduation from college.
    I’d include my name, website, email, logo, and my illustrations and repeat patterns on the other side of the card.
    Having my own business cards to give out boosts my networking confidence and gives me a professional edge in the fine art and design world. Thanks Find Spark!

  12. It is important to have business cards to keep in touch with important contacts you meet along the way when networking, attending conventions, etc. It is important to have two sets of business cards – one with your personal information such as phone number, email, or even mailing/business address. This set would be for people you can trust. The second set of cards should contain social media information like your professional Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn pages – the second set of cards should be used to protect you from potential predators.

  13. Business cards are essential when it comes to networking. You never know who you might meet and could pass your information along to. Business cards make it less awkward – like, “Here’s my card if you’re ever in need of a designer” instead of suggesting they take down your number/email.

    I want a business card so I can be efficient and professional when I network. I already have a great idea for a personal logo :)

  14. I am going to the Cannes International Film festival to network with the entertainment industry! We are encouraged to travel with personalized business cards so this post was very informative for me! I am interested in MOO cards :)

  15. I’ve heard nothing but great things about MOO cards. I was just watching that Workaholics last night where they’re going to a networking event and they use a clip of them cutting business cards as a scene change.

  16. Better personal branding is a big factor for why having new business cards is important. When you transition from one job or career into another, I’ve noticed how big personal branding can be. Instead of having a card that showcases you as a representative of another company, it’s all you and personalized designs often show a little bit about who you are when shared with people.

  17. I want to be able to have my business cards continue a conversation with the person I finished shaking hands with. Now that I’ve graduated college and are now thrusted into the world of self promotion, business cards are part of the process to collaborating and getting hired.

  18. Great article! I would definitely include my name (in a big font), email, phone number, LinkedIn link, and Twitter handle. I would want to stand out from the crowd so perhaps a cool design that shows my personality. My cards would be used for networking purposes to create connections with people and be physical reminders that I need to contact them. As a young professional, I feel it is imperative to have business cards with you at all times because you never know who you’ll meet!

  19. I would include all my social media platforms and contact information..perhaps even some images to show that I am a modern abolitionist, raising awareness of human trafficking everywhere I go! I want my own business cards because I am still an intern and do not know when I would ever get formal business cards of my own!

  20. I love Moo cards! I would get the mini cards – they’re adorable and stand out a little more than the standard size. I would definitely put a link to my personal website and my custom LinkedIn URL!

  21. I have personal business cards from when I was still in college that focus around my major and the areas of interest I was looking at initially. I need to update now that I’m in the working world and have a more specific area of focus in my industry.

  22. As a graduate student embarking on my career in PR, personal branding is essential. I also run a small lifestyle blog and whenever I want to use pictures of people I regret not having a business card to give them – it looks unprofessional.

    I would use my business cards for various networking events, unexpected meetings (i.e. talking up a stranger on the street and realizing the potential to work together), attach them to my resume and include in thank you cards after interviews.

    My spiffy MOO business cards would ideally include the usual contact information (name, number, email, etc.) along with my Twitter handle and blog URL. I want the design, font and colors to stand out, but stay simple. I don’t plan on cluttering it with a lot of information. I would consider a QR code that linked to my resume if I could neatly fit it in.

  23. I’d put my titles listed on LinkedIn; and I’d def need those on Saturday’s Find & Follow Your Passion event!

  24. Want. Need new ones for the new title of President, Team Crazy. And also for all of the randomness I do.

  25. “Are you present…..when you’re present?” This quote inspires me when it comes to networking and personal branding. I think business cards are a fun and professional way to share your personal brand with others. I ordered from MOO cards before attending the FindSpark Find & Follow your Passion Conference last year, and they were a HIT! I will be attending a networking event next month and would love to design some new cards to go along with my new job and new attitude!

  26. I really like the idea of having a lined section on the back of the card to write a note on – I’d head it with “Hey, we spoke about…” and then I could fill in things like “grabbing a coffee!”, “your upcoming feature film” etc. On the flip side, I wouldn’t put links to my work on the cards – who is going to type that in? It’s not clickable so it’s unlikely they’ll actually use the Vimeo link I’ve given them! Website or Blog links are easy – Vimeo links not so much!

  27. I love Moo!
    I would use these business cards to share my graphic design and marketing background. I am looking forward to handing out beautifully designed and printed cards.

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