Balancing Two Internships: Can It Be Done?

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You’re refreshing your email constantly. You’ve even dared to make your email your homepage for a couple of days waiting and wishing for any organization to get back to you. You’ve made all the right moves up until this point – personalizing every cover letter, going into every interview with hard research and leaving with many questions answered.

Wait, your screen just flashed and you read those beautiful words – “Congratulations, you have been selected…” but then you get another email – with the same words. You want both internships equally, but can you actually take both of them in the same semester?

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Image Courtesy of Vic

Image courtesy of Vic

You can definitely take more than one internship. I can’t think of a semester where I wasn’t involved in more than one internship.  Employers are demanding more from a candidate and internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. The more internship you have, the more you have to put on the table to remain competitive. Before you decide which road to take, here are the steps to determine whether you can take both of them on.

  1. What is your work load like? Did you jam pack your schedule with little to no room for yourself, or do you have more of a relaxed schedule where you have room to spread yourself out? You need to make sure that you have room for yourself, your two internships, studying, socializing and sleeping. It can look great on a resume to show that you area able to handle a lot at once, but at what cost? If you don’t manage your time and schedule well, it can be at a disadvantage to you as your GPA can fall and your stress levels will be at a high.
  2. Do the two internships complement each other? Take the time to answer these important questions when deciding to take both of them on: are the internships helping you build the skills your need for your dream career? Will you be able to learn valuable experience from both internships? Are you going to be meeting people you build a network with? Try to get two internships that will build up different skills. You can also get two different internships in different industries (such as nonprofit and corporate internships) to get a feel for the industry you want to work in the future.
  3. How demanding are the two internships? If you are thinking of taking two internships, one internship should require significantly less time than the other. The most ideal second internship is something you can focus on doing online. It is not the best idea to get an internship in which both of them are demanding (i.e- up to 20 hours per week) along with everything else you have. You want to remember that college is a time for many experiences, you want to have time to enjoy yourself while also preparing for the future.

Balancing two internships at the same time will require time, effort, and a lot of planning, but it can definitely be done. This can only help you in the long run (if you have time to take both) by having more networking connections and getting letters of recommendation. If you are an upperclassman it can only increase the likelihood of receiving a full time job offer from the employer. Make the decision that best for you.

Have you ever had more than one internship? Share with us in the comments!

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