Career Questions to Ask Yourself in the New Year

As the end of the year comes to a close, it can be easy to get caught up in next year. What will you do better? What will improve? What do you want to change?

Before you get into all that, it’s important to think about what you’ve achieved this year. And also, what you’ve learned from your experiences.

Once you’ve taken time to reflect, those reflections can help shape your goals and the challenges you want to present to yourself moving forward.

I know it can be difficult to set aside time to reflect, so I’ve put together some prompts to get you thinking.

In addition to high level career strategizing, writing down your answers to the questions below will also help shape updates you can make to your application materials and your online presence.

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Career Questions to Ask Yourself: Your 2015 Accomplishments

What new hard skills have you acquired? Think technology, websites, social media platform, and software.

What are three big results you’ve gotten from projects you’ve worked on? What were the biggest ways you contributed to the success of a project or company?

What experience have you gained outside of work or school? Did you organize an internal employee event, volunteer, side hustle, or create some sort of original content?

What are three new things that you did or worked on that you really enjoyed? Describe why you enjoyed each one.

What were three parts of your work this year that you did not enjoy? Describe why you did not enjoy each one.

What are two skills you improved this year? What enabled you to improve them?

What were the top three conferences, events, and classes you attended? What did you enjoy about them? What did you learn?

What were the three biggest takeaways from your top three mentors or informational interviews?

These questions and answers can help shape your focus this year. What types of projects should you focus on? In what type of environment do you do well in? How are your skill sets evolving? What sort of people help you grow? What did you learn last year?

Be sure to take the time to reflect on the previous year before moving onto the next. Think about what you enjoyed, what you didn’t, where you struggled, and where you thrived. Create more moments of thriving, and less of struggling. Don’t confuse struggle with challenge though, since being challenged is how you grow.

What else have you done to wrap up your 2015 career? Share your tips or thoughts in the comments!

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Emily is Founder and CEO of FindSpark. Passionate about the power of social media and networking; Emily has spoken at numerous colleges, conferences, and events including The International Youth Leaders Assembly at The United Nations, SXSW Interactive, Internet Week, Mediabistro's Social Media Bootcamp, Time Inc, Columbia University, and New York University, among others. Emily is also an adjunct professor, teaching social media and career courses at multiple colleges. Learn more about having Emily speak at your next event and follow her on twitter @EmilyMiethner.

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