Learn From the Best: How to Succeed in Any Industry

Success is something we all aspire to, regardless of what stage we find ourselves in our career. We’ve all struggled to figure out how to get started or where to take the next step, which is when we turn to words of wisdom from people who’ve been in our shoes before to help give us direction and inspire us to keep moving forward.

We checked in with pros from various industries like hospitality, sports, advertising, PR, non-profits, entertainment and more to hear their best tips on how to get ahead and achieve career success.

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Shakeria Charlton
Assistant Director, Visa & Immigration
Shakeria’s tip: 
Be proactive in your career development and…network!!!!!



Ashley Blackwood
Global Sport & Entertainment PR Manager
GMR Marketing
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Ashley’s tip: 
Be flexible. Be creative. Be honest. Be human. Be you.



Geo Derice
Marketing Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Author
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Geo’s tip: 
Do what you love and you’ll never have to “work” again. There are many obstacles and hurdles to deal with when it comes to being successful in business, but when you love what you do, you’re willing to jump those potential barriers at all cost.


Adrienne Harris
HR Specialist, Talent Management
Independent Consultant

Adrienne’s tip: Be yourself and embrace creativity…“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel


Kati Nawrocki
Global Creative Director
The Economist Group
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Kati’s tip: 
Check your ego at the door and be flexible.



Cynthia Carrasco
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
FCB (Foote, Cone, Belding)
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Cynthia’s tip: 
Don’t stay or move for the money. Work with people that inspire and motivate you, and do work that you’re proud of… The money and success will follow, accordingly.


Namrata Patel
Senior Social Marketing Manager
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Namrata’s tip: 
No one will hand anything to you so don’t be afraid to ask or do – create your own opportunities.



Karisa Maxwell
Sports Social Producer and Contributor
VICE Media, Inc.
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Karisa’s tip:
 Never stop learning and always strive to be over-qualified. The more you know and the more proficiencies you can add onto your resume, the better person you are for the job. Take the time to keep up with the evolution of your industry and make yourself essential to your team’s success.

Dani Newman
Art + Production Director
Dani’s tip: 
Make some internet friends. Strive to be the best person you can be, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and turn your weaknesses into strengths!


Namita Mody
Campaigns Manager, Poverty + Homelessness
Do Something Inc.
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Namita’s tip: 
With your opinions, internships, and job pursuits, don’t be afraid to fall in the minority. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll stand out and the best thing that will happen is you’ll stand out.


Nubia Murray
Senior Marketing Associate
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Nubia’s tip: 
Dreams get bigger and brighter, and so will you. You’re not going to get your dream job upon graduation, nor do you want to. You always need something to transition to, in order to continue to discover new learning and growth opportunities throughout your career.

Simeon Coker
Junior Copywriter
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Simeon’s tip: 
If everyone knows that career tip, there’s a good chance it’s played out. That’s dozens, thousands, millions of people doing the same thing. Siphon out the best of it, remix it, make it your own and go all in.


Annie Taplin
Account Director
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Annie’s tip: 
Never burn bridges, relationships are key.



Leyda Hernandez
Director of Marketing
Priori Legal
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Leyda’s tip: 
“Never be satisfied with the way things are just because they are or have always been.”



Patrycja Slawuta
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Patrycja’s tip:
 Nurture human relationships – business doesn’t get done bwteen comanies but rather between individuals. Get curious about the people in the comany so that they get curious about you.


Joseph Hayes
Key Account Manager – Global Chains
Joseph’s tip: 
Be kind, stay positive, and work hard.




Jessica Minhas
Founder, CEO
I’ll Go First
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Jessica’s tip: 
What makes your heart come alive? What makes you burn with anger? Find this, and you’ll find your truest self.



Carl Sednaoui
Head of Inbound Marketing

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Carl’s tip: Keep connecting!



Leslie Engle Young
Director of Impact
Pencils of Promise
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Leslie’s tip: 
Love your work.




Sarah Judd Welch
CEO/Head of Community Design
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Sarah’s tip: 
When negotiating for anything, pretend like you are negotiating on someone else’s behalf.



Joel Hernandez
Talent Acquisition, Junior Analyst
Warner Music Group
Joel’s tip: 
As one of my professor’s always says, start with the end in mind. Start cultivating a path that will lead you to where you want to be 15-20 years from now. Set goals, and even if they change over time, make sure to be true to yourself and follow your interests and passions!

Mike Williams
Research Manager
IFC (AMC Networks)
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Mike’s tip: 
Drop the facade during an interview and be yourself. In doing this, you end up working with people you mesh with and are set up with a runway to take off from.


Byron L. Willams
Regional Recruiter
U.S. Peace Corps
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Byron’s tip:
 Learn to network with purpose and with frequency.



Joel Schwartzberg
Senior Director of Strategic & Executive Communications
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Joel’s tip: 
Hold one arm up. This is an activity you love to do. Hold the other arm up. This is an activity you do very well. Cross them into an X.

See that intersection? That’s your career goal. You may not get there soon, but now you know what you’re aiming for.

Min Min Wong
Regional Director, Marketing and Communications – North America
Millennium Hotels and Resorts
Min’s tip: 
Think like your audience.



Maxine Daniels
Meetings and Special Events Coordinator
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Battery Park
Maxine’s tip: 
YOU are the creator of your own destiny!



Christopher Unera
Junior Creative
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Christopher’s tip: 
I’ve always applied the scientific method approach to all aspects of my life, including my career.

Here’s an example…

1.) Ask a question/address a problem – What is the best cover letter and resume to use for this application?
2.) Do background research – What is the mission statement of the company? What have others said about the company? Can you match the brand voice of the company?
3.) Create a hypothesis – “If I present my cover letter and resume in this fashion, then I will get an interview”
4.) Test your hypothesis through experimentation – Apply to various jobs presenting resume and cover letter in different ways


Aman Singh
VP, Business + Social Purpose
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Aman’s tip: 
Know the value of your resume – use it to distinguish yourself and your career goals.



Zoé Zeigler
Assistant Manager of Integrated Marketing & Communications / Executive Director
Toyota / ColorComm
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Zoé’s tip: 
Most of the time, your dream job is not just going to up and fall in your lap. Be proactive and ask for what you want.


150330.Portraits.calibrandi.2878Christina Alibrandi
Senior Manager, Events Marketing
Tremor Video
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Christina’s tip:
 Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck, there are always plenty of options available to you if you choose to open your mind to see them.



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