Mentorship, Networking, and Negotiation: Moving Towards Being a Lady who Leads with Dev Bootcamp

For women who aspire to leadership positions, building a career is not always a straight road. Nicole Drummond, Career Developer at Dev Bootcamp shared her insight about how ladies (and everyone) who aspire to lead can take steps in that direction.

Business Card to Relationship: 3 Steps to Take After a Networking Event

Whether you're attending the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference at NYU on Saturday, April 18, 2015, or any networking event - follow these steps to develop career relationships that will help you land your next job.

How to Network at an Event When You Aren’t Actually There

Found a great event to attend, but don’t live close enough to actually get there? With social media becoming more increasingly normal to use for business, now your location doesn’t have to limit your networking opportunities. Many events will make it easy for people to virtually attend while still

Conquer Your Interview: The Importance of Confidence, Prep, & Personality

When looking for an internship or job, the interview is the one part of the job searching process that makes many of us uneasy. At the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference, hiring pros shared their do's and don't's for interviewing.

Trust Your Gut and Love What You Do

Attention all college students: Put down your study materials and take a deep breath. I know at this point in the semester you are probably going through another stress inducing breakdown due to finals approaching, submitting applications for graduate school or you are currently on the hunt for a job.