The College Seesaw: Balancing School & Your Internship

Balancing class along with an internship may seem difficult to you right now, but here’s a little secret: it’s supposed to be. And if it isn’t, you’re probably either letting your school work fall by the wayside or you’re not being challenged enough at your internship. Balancing the two should

California Chronicles: Staying Connected with New York City

Saying goodbye is always difficult. I am so thankful for my time working as the Employer Community Assistant at FindSpark. I cannot express in words how much I have learned over this summer. I am so excited for what is coming up for the community. Although I won’t be in

How a Magazine Receipt Helped Me Land My Dream Internship at Seventeen

Learn how taking risks and getting a little creative could land you the internship of your dreams.

How to Leverage Volunteer Opportunities: Takeaways from Tribeca Film Festival

Hear from two NY Creative Interns contributors on their volunteer experience at Tribeca Film Festival, as well as a current staff member of the festival, Sebastian Rea, who started out as a volunteer back in 2008.

Two Graduating Seniors Evaluate Internship Experiences

Nick Schweers and Scott Strenger, two of the poster children for NY Creative Interns and graduating seniors, evaluate their various internships and look forward to the next stage in their lives. Gain insight from their experience.