Weekly Web Crawl – 5 Twitter Chats to Help You Find a Job

Twitter chats are a great way to informally network with people about a topic you feel knowledgeable about or just about your job search in general. When I was looking for a job I was able to get an interview out of #CMGRchat just by introducing myself in the beginning

Weekly Web Crawl – Job Search Tips from Networking to Interviewing

This Week – Job Search Tips from Networking to Interviewing


Check out a quick round-up of things you need to think about when conducting a job search, from how to rock a networking event to staying encouraged throughout your search to taking risks.

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Weekly Web Crawl – Resume Tips that Don’t Suck

This Week: Resume Tips that Don’t Suck


Half the time I read resume writing tips they 1. are too basic or 2. contain inaccuracies. Here are some articles that contain interesting tips and some of the basic ones too (Keep it to 1 page people!) and

Weekly Web Crawl – Who needs a job anyway!? Oh wait, I guess I do.


This Week: Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a job, yet!

If you’re like most recent graduates, you probably don’t have a full time job yet. Don’t despair! In this economy it’s rough for everyone. Here are some links to make you