11 Cats Who Share Your Interview Feels

Interviews are hard. We get it, and so do these cats.

1. Good news! You heard back from that job you want so badly, and they want to interview you!


2. But wait…that means you’ll actually have to be interviewed…

3. Commence freakout.

4. You panic, scrambling to get yourself ready for the big day.

5. But you got this, you know you do. Step 1: research!

6. Step 2: practice! Learn your answers to common and tricky interview questions so you won’t be caught off guard.

7. Step 3: Get yourself groomed up to look your finest. You know that first impression counts!

8. Day of: eat a hearty breakfast to keep you focused.

9. You’re so ready! Game face: ON.

10. Roll on in like the confident, qualified boss you are.

11. You’ll rock the interview! Your interviewer will be left thinking, “Who was that majestic being?”



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