Calling All Resident Assistants

RAs: You’re awesome. Let us help you be even better.

We know how much you do on a daily basis and how much of your time you devote to making an amazing community for your residents. We want to make it easier for you to bring interesting, useful information to your residents while also learning how to show off your skills.


Who we are:

FindSpark is a community of the most ambitious young creatives in and around New York City. We have a network of students and recent grads from 400+ schools across the country.


Here’s how we can help:

We know the struggles of planning multiple programs throughout the year that are relevant to your residents. Then, oh yeah, getting them to actually show up. So we’ve made it easier. On the next page you’ll find:

1. Three kick-ass program outlines for you to take, mix and match, and make your own. We’ve provided flier templates, discussion points, and handouts on various topics that will be relevant to your residents.

2. Upcoming events that you can attend to develop professionally. You will be able to become more knowledgable and bring back relevant information to your residents.

3. Resume help. Being an RA isn’t just about your residents. In this position you’re learning invaluable skills and we want to help you best display how awesome you are.

Become a member of our community to discover even more ways that FindSpark can help you:

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Practical programs your residents will actually want to attend:

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Attend events to develop your own professional skills:

Even if you didn’t realize it, being an RA is helping you learn how to network. Yes, really. All those times you’ve had to small talk with parents while you were moving their students in or were introducing residents to one another at programs, you were really developing your networking skills. Networking is being able to engage with anyone and, as an RA, that’s what you already do.

FindSpark hosts tons of networking events and workshops, many of which are free virtual events, to help you bring the skills you have learned into the real world. You’ll also learn about awesome topics that you can bring back to your RA staff and residents. Bonus points if you turn one of our events into a program!

To receive special discounts for you and your residents, email with the subject “FindSpark for RAs Discount”.

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Resume tips for the RA section on your resume:

Sometimes, it’s tricky to convey how the skills you learned being an RA transfer to real world jobs. Here are 10 bullet points to let your skills shine on your resume:

  1. Assessed and responded to the needs of 20 residents
  2. Created, marketed, and implemented 5+ programs per semester to foster community, life skills, and success
  3. Managed administrative duties including weekly updates, incident reports, and room reports
  4. Fostered the development of relationships among 55 residents: consisting of graduate, undergraduate, and international students
  5. Received programming award for creating and supervising a volunteer projects
  6. Counseled and advised first year students on academic and personal questions and concerns
  7. Developed and conducted programs on diversity, drug abuse, personal development, relationships, and academic performance
  8. Assisted in selection, evaluation, and training of new Resident Assistants
  9. Acted as a liaison between students and University administration
  10. Budgeted and allocated money for use in various residence hall events


“FindSpark events just keep getting better and better. I recommend FindSpark to all my friends who are job searching, transitioning to a different career track, or simply looking for ways to meet intelligent young people. Even if you’re not looking, FindSpark events are a great way to keep those networking skills sharp!”

“FindSpark brings together top talent with career professionals who ACTUALLY care about assisting young professionals in the workplace. After working with FindSpark, individuals feel motivated and ready to take on the scary world of the job market.”

“Looking for an internship in New York while being in Florida could be seen as a daunting task with so much distance, but FindSpark has made it so easy. Connecting with companies and other interns alike has been made easily accessible to people, even when not in the same state, through their virtual workshops as well as Twitter chats.”

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