FindSpark Online Community Guidelines

The FindSpark community is a place to share thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and feedback. Our mission is to set young creatives (that means you!) up for career success and provide support and inspiration throughout your career.

We support enthusiastic and appropriate commentary displaying all different opinions. Please read these user guidelines below before you start reading, commenting and sharing.

  • Be respectful. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Share your passions. Tell us what you love and why. Inspire us and the rest of the community with your goals and dreams.
  • Show us your photos from FindSpark events. By posting photos on our wall you give us the right to use your photos on any of our social media channels, websites, or marketing materials online or offline.
  • Be appropriate. Do not post anything that is crude, racist, offensive, violent, talks of illegal activities, advertising, or for personal financial gain. We cannot allow users to post who have inappropriate or offensive usernames.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spam.
  • Don’t include personal information like your home address, telephone number or email address.
  • Do share public online profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and personal websites so that the community can provide feedback.
  • Don’t pass off other peoples’ thoughts as your own. A brief quotation is okay, but any amount greater of copied text will be removed.
  • Comment, don’t post. We love to see you sharing your ideas through the comments, but posts directly in the group and links to other sites will be deleted.
  • Please do not send Facebook requests to Team FindSpark. However, we encourage you to connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

We are highly protective of our community and reserve the right to remove comments, posts or ban users who do not follow our guidelines. By following us and engaging with any of our social media accounts you agree to these policies.

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