FindSpark Member Spotlight: Tiffany Tapia

At FindSpark, we love to check in with our ambitious members and, subsequently, rave about their professional success.

We’re proud to showcase FindSpark member and former Campus Ambassador and Hustle Summit Fellow, Tiffany Tapia.

Tiffany has been brightening communities even before she joined our community of hustlers. She’s a first generation student and recent graduate from Babson College, where she served as an Admissions Mentor, Tutor, RA, Intern, Center Attendant and founded FirstGen, the school’s first club for First Generation students. Wow, Tiffany!

Tiffany has several impressive internships under her belt with top companies like Deutsche Bank and UM Worldwide.

After attending her first Hustle Summit in January 2016, she landed an internship with FindSpark employer IPG Mediabrands after meeting them at the event.

She then become more involved as a FindSpark Campus Ambassador and a Hustle Summit Fellow, and volunteering at other FindSpark events throughout the year.

Tiffany recently graduated and let us know that her last internship has blossomed into a full-time role atUniversal McCann Worldwide.

Happy dance time!

What we love most about Tiffany is her ability to bring joy to everyone around her and inspire those she works with…including us!

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Recent UPenn graduate from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Background in PR and Media Production. Things I love: bringing bold ideas to life, trolling the web + great sushi. Let's make things happen!

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