7 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Intern in NYC This Summer

As you start to plan your summer, we know what’s on the bottom of your list: spending yet another summer in your hometown.

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What you really want is to spend the summer interning in the greatest city in the world: New York.

We’re guessing your problem is something like this: Your parents…

…think NYC is too dangerous (too many episodes of Law & Order SVU).

…are terrified to have you farther away than your room upstairs (#emptynestisreal).

…think it’s too expensive (because everyone in New York lives like Carrie Bradshaw).

There’s no way they’re going to let you go. They are perfectly content with you working at the local summer camp / retail job / food service gig / insert other crappy job here and just don’t see the point.

We know as well as you do that a summer in the city could change your life, so we’re here to help. Here are 7 ways to convince your parents to let you have the best summer ever.

1. Have a Plan

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If you want your parents to hear you out, you have to have something to pitch them. It’s not enough to want to come to New York; know why you have to come here, and what you’ll do.

Will you have an internship? Where do you want to intern? Where have you already applied? Will you get a part-time job, too? Figure these things out in advance. Even if nothing’s set in stone, having a plan will make a difference.

Then, put your plan into action. Plenty of companies are already hiring summer interns. Start applying now, then approach your parents when you have an offer. If you customize your application and apply early, you’ll find the perfect position sooner than you’d think.

Nothing shows your parents that you’re ready for this like showing them that you’re responsible. Plus, they’ll have a much harder time denying you a specific opportunity that you’ve already earned. Putting in the work now and landing an internship early will prove to them that you’re ready for this!

2. Show Them the Numbers

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Crime in New York is lower now than it’s been since the 1950s.

New York was named one of the top 10 cities for jobs and top five most creative cities by Forbes in 2014.

Internships are now the number one qualification most employers want to see, above your GPA and major.

There are 500+ Meetup groups in New York for arts, culture, career, business, and more.

Plus, FindSpark is here to connect you to hundreds of the best creatives in NYC.

With numbers like that, who could say no?

3. Find a Buddy

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New York is full of people. Even if your best friend doesn’t live there, chances are, someone you know does. Use your network; reach out to your friends and family and find someone you know and trust who already lives in the city.

See if you can get that person to chat with your parents on the phone and explain how fun and safe NYC really is. They’ll feel a lot better about sending you to the big city when they know you won’t be alone and they have someone to reach out to in order to make sure you’re okay.

4. Expand Your Network

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Nothing is as valuable in your career as your network. If you want to make it in New York, you have to know people.

Did you know 70% of jobs are found through networking? Your network can’t grow if you spend every summer with the same people. You need to get out there, have new experiences, and make new connections.

FindSpark hosts tons of events in the summer to help you up your career game and meet the best creatives in NYC. We’ll connect you to the best of the best; the people you meet this summer could help you in your career for the rest of your life.

From our Summer Opportunity Mixer to our monthly workshops, you’ll have tons of opportunities to learn new skills and meet incredible people. You’ll start making connections that will help you land an internship for next summer or a full-time job after graduation.

5. Find Safe, Affordable Housing

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If your parents are worried that you’ll end up living in a cardboard box, tell them about NYU Summer Housing! Students from any school can find safe, comfortable housing through NYU.

NYU has residence halls in some of the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan. You’ll have all the benefits of residence hall life: an RA, public safety, a meal plan or kitchen, and access to a community that knows the city.

You’ll have the independence that comes with living and working in New York, without the scary parts of moving to a new city. Plus, your parents will have heard of NYU, so they’ll feel better letting you go alone if they know you’re living somewhere safe. Learn more about NYU Summer Housing and how to apply here.

6. Make a Budget

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While it’s totally possible to have fun in NYC without spending a ton of money, it’s definitely more expensive than living in your high school bedroom and eating from your family’s fridge. Show your parents you can handle it!

Create a budget for yourself for the summer. What will your big expenses be? Food, transportation, housing, work clothes – think about everything you’ll need to make this summer awesome.

When you live in NYU Summer Housing, you won’t have to worry about utilities, internet, cable, or a gym membership. Those are all included! You also won’t have to deal with the nuisance of setting up your electric and internet (phew!).

Once you have your expenses set, figure out how you’ll cover them. How much will your internship pay? If you need more than that, find a part-time job on the side. You can start looking for babysitting jobs ahead of time using sites like Care.com, or start looking for retail or service gigs in the city.

7. Start Saving & Hustling Now

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Once you’ve made your budget, you can start saving up and making more. This semester, pick one indulgence to give up or cut back on and one strategy for earning extra cash.

If you eat out with your friends a lot, try to keep it to a couple times a month. Swap your venti non-fat mocha with whip for a tall coffee with milk. Try canceling your Netflix, just for the semester (this one is tough, but it’ll up your productivity!). Cutting back on one small thing will add up over several months.

To save up even more cash, find a part-time gig for the semester. Use your skills to start a side hustle, try your hand at freelancing, or find a part-time job to support your dream. Show your parents that you’re committed to saving up to make this trip happen!

We’ll see you this summer!

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Did you convince your parents to let you spend the summer in the greatest city in the world? Share your tips below!


This post is brought to you by NYU Summer Housing. NYU Summer Housing offers safe, affordable, and convenient housing for students, interns, and new grads spending the summer in NYC. Spend your summer in the best, most vibrant parts of New York, surrounded by a community and resources to help you navigate the big city. Learn more about NYU Summer Housing and how to apply for Summer 2016!

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