Cover Letter Check List

Before you hit “submit,” take a look at our cover letter tips!

Whether it’s your first cover letter or your 101st, make sure to include the following to increase your chances in scoring your dream opportunity.


Make sure to include in your cover letter:

  • Correct name of the company

  • The name of the person who’ll receive the email (if you have it).

  • Anything specific the opportunity description asks for (links to social media profiles, writing samples, a joke)

Answer these questions:

  • How you found out about the job, especially if you were referred by a specific website (like us!) or person

  • One specific story about why you are qualified for the job (skills, related experience). Don’t just repeat your resume, use this space to expand upon an experience

  • Why you are interested in the company in particular. The worst thing you can do is use the same cover letter in multiple applications. Companies want to know you’re going to add value to their company and that specific job, not just any company or any job. Customizing your resume takes longer, but we guarantee you’ll see better results when you do.

Your cover letter should explain what your resume does not: 

  • Why you have a gap between jobs

  • Why you are making a career change

  • Why you want a job in marketing when you have an English degree (for example)

For more tips, check out How To: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

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