Creative Ways to Show Off Your Work at a Networking Event

Conferences, networking events, and career fairs are great opportunities to get your work and credentials in front of potential employers and mentors. Handing out paper resumes will always be a classic method of sharing your work, but with lots of new technology available, we thought we’d share creative ideas for showing off your work, in addition to general tips for getting the most out of networking events.

Classic Paper: Let’s Get Physical

In our opinion, paper will never go out of style. In a digital world, having something physical to remember someone by can go even further than merely being connected online.

  • Resumes: Bring a folder filled with resumes. If you know certain companies are attending, see what roles they are looking to fill and create custom resumes for each employer.
  • Portfolios: Being able to show work samples up close and personal is great, even more so if you can leave a small booklet of your work.
  • Business cards: Still a student? Not employed full-time? Include basic information on your card like your name, email, website URL, and phone number. We recommend MOO cards, because they are high quality, and you can include up to 50 different images or designs in your order.
  • Flash Drives: Since flash drives are so inexpensive nowadays, we’ve heard of people loading up their work samples and handing them out along with resumes.


Digital & App Savvy

Being able to showcase our work online and offline puts our generation at a huge advantage. Sharing your work digitally can be much easier and more efficient than more classic methods.

  • Google Drive: Upload a PDF of your work or resume, and share it with them directly via email after you meet.
  • LinkedIn: Share your LinkedIn profile on their mobile app.
  • Behance: As a leading online portfolio site for all types creatives, they have apps for various mobile devices.
  • YouTube: Do you have a reel? As a motion designer or film maker, this is an obvious choice, but we’ve seen great video resumes for other creative types as well. If there’s sound, bring headphones, not earbuds.
  • iPad or Tablet: If you have access to a mobile device larger than your phone, take advantage of the tools as a quick to way showcase your work; either through an app, or simply create a folder of your resume or work samples.

Behance Mobile Apps


Overall Tips:

  • Research company representatives and speakers ahead of time
  • Be respectful of everyone’s time. Choose your best work, short clips, and be able to articulate your career highlights succinctly
  • Be able to easily share the link to what you’re showing
  • When you meet someone in person, connect with them online as well. Things get lost, so never assume they will keep track of what you gave them at the event. Connect in 24 hours or less


Do you have tips for connecting with people at career events? Share them in the comments.

About the Author

Emily is Founder and CEO of FindSpark. Passionate about the power of social media and networking; Emily has spoken at numerous colleges, conferences, and events including The International Youth Leaders Assembly at The United Nations, SXSW Interactive, Internet Week, Mediabistro's Social Media Bootcamp, Time Inc, Columbia University, and New York University, among others. Emily is also an adjunct professor, teaching social media and career courses at multiple colleges. Learn more about having Emily speak at your next event and follow her on twitter @EmilyMiethner.

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