5 Diverse Mentors Share Tips for Breaking into the Tech Industry

Want insider tips on how you can stand out when applying for a role at Cloudreach? Watch our interview with Tom Ray, Head of Cloudreach USA here.

Thinking about breaking into the tech industry? This fast-paced and exciting sector is more than just computer and software professionals. If you’re feeling frustrated that opportunities in the tech world seem out of your reach, consider taking the time to connect and build meaningful relationships with mentors in the field. The power of networking can help you plan your next steps and get you closer to accomplishing your goals!

In preparation for Keep it Cloudy: An Exclusive Mentoring Night with Cloudreach on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018, we asked Cloudreach mentors to share their thoughts on various career, workplace, and tech industry topics.

At our exclusive networking event, select FindSpark attendees from a wide range of backgrounds will gain access to Cloudreach mentors for a fun evening of discussions, and learning.

Read on for helpful tips from some of our mentors at Cloudreach!


How did you know Cloudreach was the right place to make a career pivot? What can candidates do to position themselves for this?

Mair Hasco, Cloud Engagement Manager: While working in healthcare consulting, I realized the projects I enjoyed most were tech implementation projects where I worked with developers. I came from a small company and I was looking to be part of a more established place where I could grow as the company continued to significantly expand.

Even though I came from healthcare, during my Cloudreach interview process, I made sure to have solid examples of my tech projects with metric-based outcomes as well as have project management examples that were applicable across any industry.


What advice would you give to your younger self when considering a career in the tech industry?

Jewell Jones, Cloud Infrastructure Project Manager + Global Co-Lead of Diversity & Inclusion ERG: You’ve got this, so stop over analyzing things. Just take a deep breathe and take the next step. You’ll figure out all the details later.

Avni Patel, Cloud Software Engineer: Have more confidence in your ability to succeed and the knowledge you have. I have actively discouraged myself from opportunities because I did not think I was qualified. I once skipped a job interview because I knew the other candidates that were applying for the job and I felt like I was not as qualified as them. I realize now that I am more capable than I think I am and trying to achieve something that I don’t think I am qualified for is just a step in improving myself.


What are key skills you look for in a candidate when considering a role at Cloudreach?

David Kheyman, Cloud Systems Engineer: There are lots of characters and character traits we look for, because we are all so unique and come from different backgrounds. I think we really look for individuals who show a genuine desire to learn and adapt in a constantly evolving field like cloud technology, and are not afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly they might seem; it shows their determination to improve.


Cloudreach team members at hiring event

Cloudreach Team Members at Trade Event


How did Cloudreach play a part in your personal life and how has this impacted your role?

Courtney Bruggeman, Regional Employee Engagement Leader, US: Everyone has a life outside of work and Cloudreach truly encourages employees to utilize the benefits and policies put in place to protect their work-life balance. Above and beyond that, the company recognizes families of all types. Many employers are beginning to roll out benefits for parents, with paid family leave, flexible working schedules, and more. As a single adult with no children of my own, I never fathomed I could benefit from family-oriented policies as well.


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