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“Through all my experiences, I’ve learned that self-awareness, integrity, and confidence are critical to making moves and charting a meaningful course in life,” – Amber Rae, former NY Creative Interns panelist and speaker at The Failure Method.


Putting a Dent in the Landscape of Higher Education

Amber recently unveiled her plans for a pilot program called The Bold Academy – a 4-week intensive training for 20-somethings, packed with life lessons on how to take risks, be resourceful and strategize to achieve your dreams.

Applications just started being accepted, and the experience will take place in one of the coolest cities in America, Boulder, Colorado. The area is both a technological epicenter and a natural paradise. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better location, in fact, as some refer to Boulder as “The Happiest City in America.”

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The Bold Academy Curriculum

The Bold Academy will consist of: expert-led workshops, skill-building sessions and learn-by-doing exercises focused on topics like developing integrity and confidence.

Students and staff of the Bold Academy will form a tight-knit community, starting each day with breakfasts as a group, doing fitness activities together, then meeting for morning and afternoon workshops. Evenings include free time, and weekends will involve excursions.


Is living and dreaming boldly for you?

I kind of wish the program was around when I was in college, and Amber seems like an amazing leader to be overseeing the initiative. “I see so many people who possess a ton of ambition, passion, and potential but they have no clue where to direct that energy. This devastates me, but that’s where The Bold Academy comes in.”

Looking to be inspired beyond your wildest imagination this summer? Wanting that little voice inside your head that says You can change the world to resonate more clearly? Seriously, apply.

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Judi was the mentor of NY Creative Intern Tushar Khandelwal in 2011. She is currently available for work in all areas of digital marketing, and her passion is the arts. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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