7 Reasons We Love Drea

7 Reasons We Love Drea

This month, our own Andrea Velazquez hit her one year mark as a member of Team FindSpark. Drea was a volunteer with us for quite some time before we made things official. Now, she’s getting sh*t done behind-the-scenes, bringing in incredible employers to meet the FindSpark community.

Drea is the kind of person who turns any room into a party. She’s been so awesome to have on the team. To celebrate her first workaversary, here are just a few of the things that make Drea so great.

1. Her sick dance moves.


If you’ve ever seen Drea bust a move, you’ve witnessed a true work of art.

2. Her killer wardrobe.


I think this picture says it all.

3. Her passion for…CVS.


Drea’s ideal meal includes a KIND bar, a can of soup, and/or a CVS sandwich. Drake gets it.

4. She knows where the party’s at.


Always. Whether you’re looking for an early morning boat rave or a Brooklyn warehouse party, Drea knows where to go.

5. She adds sparkle to any situation.


Literally. This girl is pretty much always covered in glitter.

6. Her Insta game is on point.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.24.34 AM

Drea’s quirky, hilarious, and unique illustrations will brighten up your Instagram feed on a daily basis.

7. She’s all-around crushing it.


At work, in life – everywhere. Happy #DreaWeek, girl!

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