Emotional Vulnerability: The Secret to Doing Well at Work (Virtual Workshop)

Emotional Vulnerability: The Secret to Doing Well at Work is an exclusive virtual workshop led by Jemia Young, Diversity Talent Program Manager at TEKsystems, the largest IT Services & Talent Management company in North America.

Emotional vulnerability is an act of courage. You are merging your authentic self instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others. This is a superpower at work, that when used and managed correctly can help you stand out amongst your peers.

What we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • How to share your authentic story to your peers & managers at work
  • Steps for being vulnerable in the interview process (internal & external interviews)
  • How to authentically build relationships at work
  • The concept of covering
  • Using emotional vulnerability to combat bias

Download the presentation slides here.

Download the Journey Line template here.

Check out Jemia’s 7 tips for better networking conversations and relationship building here.

Want to learn more from Jemia on how you can stand out at networking events and interviews? Check out our interview with her here.

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