Employer FAQ

How do I list on the job board?

We’re so excited that you’re interested in working with FindSpark and our community! To get started, create an accountAfter you have an account, submit your opportunities through findspark.com/jobs/add.

Once submitted, a member from the FindSpark team will review and approve your listing.

Be sure to read our Employer Guide for explanations of our categories and tips on how to write a good description to get the most out of your posting and how to attract the right applicants.

Is there a price for listing on the FindSpark job board?

We offer three different packages for you to select from (standard, featured, and premium) as well as the option for unlimited listings. You can see the different option we have for listing packages through findspark.com/listing.

When submitting a listing I see the option “I’ve already purchased an unlimited or recruitment event package,” how do I learn more about your packages?

We offer Unlimited Listing Packages, which allow you to list as many jobs as you’d like for a full year. To learn more about our Unlimited Listing Packages, visit: findspark.com/listing

We also produce a variety of programs and recruiting events that offer packages for our job board. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved, contact andrea@findspark.com.

Can I link out to my company’s ATS?

To source the applications that come in through your listing directly to your ATS, add the link to your ATS in the “Application URL” section when you’re submitting your job posting through findspark.com/jobs/add.

Can I collect applications through your site?

Applications will be sent directly to the contact email listed under your job posting or your ATS. You can also see the full list of applications by visiting your Employer Dashboard at findspark.com/jobs/employer/panel and clicking the “Applications” link under Statistics.

Can I post both internships and full-time jobs?

Yes, our job board is a great space to reach a diverse and ambitious crowd of students and young professionals for your internships and full-time roles that require less than 5 years experience.

What happens after I have a listing up on your job board?

We promote your listing to our followers across social media platforms. Listing your openings with FindSpark will connect you with a large audience of engaged candidates from 500+ schools.

Why should I choose the Featured listing?

Featured listings allow you to get the most value our of your listing with added exposure through our Weekly Opportunities Newsletter, which goes out to 23,000+ subscribers every week.

Is there a way to reactivate a job posting that I’ve listed in the past?

Absolutely. Visit your Employer Dashboard through findspark.com/jobs/employer/panel. Once there, select the “Expired Listings” option and you’ll see all the listings you’ve posted in the past. Next to each listing is an image of a wrench, click on the wrench and select “Republish”.

In the Company Overview section, another company is showing up in the preview. Did I do something wrong?

We have a small glitch in our system that’s affecting the job board previews. No need to worry, all the information for your listing will appear accurately once it’s active.

I resubmitted my payment and later got a second email asking me to do it again, do I need to resubmit my payment a second time?

If you already submitted your payment through findspark.com/payment, you don’t need to resubmit it again. Please disregard the double emails.

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