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Hustle Summit: An Epic Diversity Recruitment Event

The nation's top Gen Z and Millennial networking event in NYC, Chicago, and more cities to come.

Custom Experiential Events & Programs

We partner with employers to bring curated groups of FindSpark members into your space to connect with your recruitment team, hiring managers, or members of your diversity or resource groups.

Digital Employer Branding Content & Thought Leadership that Works for You

Our team works with you to show off your team members, company culture, and office digs through a range of employer branding opportunities through social and digital media.

Unlimited Job Board Listings, Digital Employer Branding, & More through Employer Membership

Post unlimited listings on our highly-curated job board, show off your culture and team through a digital employer branding campaign on the platform of your choice, get a discount to Hustle Summit, share your employer content through FindSpark, get thought leadership opportunities, and more. 

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What Our Clients Say

"FindSpark is a true example of a grassroots effort built through passion and dedication. I've looked forward to every single event we have collaborated on to further develop the Macy's talent brand and focus on diversity. I'm excited to see her continue to grow the FindSpark community and organization and have no doubt we will continue to do amazing things together.”

Justin Mahmud, Human Resources Business Partner


“In less than a year, membership to FindSpark has been instrumental in aiding my recruitment goals. I have personally hired multiple people who within their first few months are all getting outstanding feedback. Beyond the hires, I now have a constant pipeline of talent coming to me through events and my job postings. Not only have I passed along many FindSpark applicants to my counterparts, but I now have a wait list of colleagues who want to join me at future events!”

Michelle Corbett, Manager, Talent Acquisition


“FindSpark is an excellent community of creative, qualified talent. I enjoyed attending their conferences, and will definitely attend future events!”

Antoinette Miller, Recruiter/Talent Acquisition


FindSpark has been a phenomenal source for candidates. I’m really surprised at the quantity and quality of applicants. I really wasn’t expecting so many resumes, and y’all have really trumped job boards that cost way more!”

Andrew Cerda, Recruiter