5 Simple Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Employer Brand

Even if you’re not familiar with the Avengers (and if you aren’t, please, forfeit a happy hour with your colleagues to watch the epic movie instead), you can probably have a basic idea of what superhero crew entails. However, you’ve probably never realized that your company is very similar to a group of superheroes.

Think about it: you’re idealized, primarily by candidates that wish they could join your ranks, and unique, in terms of how your company benefits humanity. Each employee has a role that they play, that focuses on their strengths, and ultimately affects not only how your company functions, but how it’s perceived by outsiders.

That being said, it’s important to display a united front, both in and outside of the office.

Here’s how to make your employees feel like they’re a part of a greater good, and stand out as a company — without having to resort to metallic body suits or colored tights.

1. Send a company-wide email that encouraging employees to add the company media handle to their social media profiles

FindSpark speaker alumni Megan Frantz


FindSpark speaker alumni Ej Samson

The same way that superheroes are branded by symbols, your social media handles essentially deliver the same value. That’s how you’re recognized by the outside world; its a sneaky way for employees to broadcast you to their own networks, prompting your company to be discovered — and clicked, shared, followed, talked about, or admired —across a wide range of verticals. Your employees can place the handle in their bios; this works best on Twitter, as you can see from Megan Frantz, Senior Producer at Shorty Awards and EJ Samson, AVP at Ralph Lauren. You can also level up the X-factor by using your hashtag: #companyname

Instagram is also a must, especially if your culture encourages team fun…

2. Have employees share pictures from company outings on their social media channels

Photo via LO'réal Twitter

Photo via LO’réal Twitter

Yes, you expect your team to work hard — but that doesn’t mean that you don’t take the time to bond in other productive, or enjoyable, ways. No matter what kind of volunteering and team-building you do as a unit, it’s important to capture those memories not only for keepsakes, but to keep the morale high amongst colleagues.

It’s important to share photos on the company’s social accounts, or on the company’s careers channels (see how well L’Oréal accomplishes this above), but even more important for your employees to share those photos through their own accounts. By giving their friends and family an inside look at how great your company is, people will not only wish they could be in the pictures — they’ll want to be a part of the company as well!

3. Make a simple snapchat filter for your next company outing



Want to take your team time to the next level? Design and use a snapchat filter for your next team trip. Filters are not only cheap, but a perfect opportunity to pull your team in for a fun brainstorm. Once a talented member designs the winning graphic and it’s ready to to be used, integrate our snapchat guide and encourage everyone to snap away! Bonus: you can really go the extra mile with an outrageous selfie, as GALE does above.

4. Encourage your employees to attend professional development and networking events


Giving back to your employees doesn’t have to involve free swag, or catered lunches (though that’s always a nice gesture!) Do something that will give them an opportunity to network, establish meaningful relationships, and get inspired to see their roles as not a means to an end, but an experiential benefit that will guide them for years to come. They’ll not only get to represent your company, but meet other contacts at other companies that could develop into potential partnerships. It’s a win-win for you and your team!

Since your recruiters are the best at scoping out more diverse talent, make sure you get Hustle Summit on their radar — the most epic networking event in NYC that attracts not only ambitious professionals, but great employers (like you!) that are looking to add more super-workers to the team.

You’ll join amazing companies that came, saw, and hired: Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Univision, Showtime, Viacom, HBO, L’Oreal, IPG Mediabrands, and more!

5. Get testimonials from employees to add to your social media handles



There’s nothing wrong with standing out, especially if you stand out in style. Enlist a production guru, or team, to film, and then, enlist your rockstar employees to talk about what they love most about their jobs, and the company. The creative possibilities are endless, but if you need some inspiration, check out TEKsystems‘s awesome video above. The clip is simple, but effective in showing a roomful of employees giving their cohort a celebratory round of high-fives. It’s genuine, fun to watch, and will make you want to pull your team together in a great video of your own!

Nothing is more powerful than an awesome company with a solid batch of employees to help it grow and shine; and with great power, comes great (brand) responsibility. Follow these tips, and you’ll go far — no flying or special effects required.

How do you attract stellar employees? What are some other strategies you use to promote your brand? Share in the comments!

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