E[nstitute] Co-Founder Shaila Ittycheria’s Innovative Vision for Education

Shaila Ittycheria NY Creative Interns

“Innovation. Everyone is talking about it; everyone wants it; everyone claims it’s the future to saving the American economy” Shaila Ittycheria, E[nstitute] co-founder.

Theories on Innovation

To shake up the status quo, Shaila and several instructors involved at E[nstitute] are implementing a “learn by doing” model. She explains, “Peter Drucker says, ‘Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.’ And while not everyone can be an entrepreneur, everyone can learn from one.”

The campus’ non-traditional education program kicks off this year to hopefully pick up where “historical” studies have left off.

Co-founder Kane Sarhan agrees, and the two of them believe that when it comes to innovation entrepreneurs disrupting the market are the most qualified group of people to reach young minds and teach them about it.

The E[nstitute] Approach

E[nstitute]’s two-year apprenticeship turns higher education on its head. Startups and small businesses transform into classrooms, and students (known as fellows) participate firsthand in fueling innovation.

“We’re dedicating ourselves to helping students develop skills, abilities, and comforts across a spectrum of attributes,” Shaila adds. The alternative school will encourage fostering innovative ideas through understanding opportunity, embracing uncertainty, being creative, and ultimately executing on the delivery of new products and services. Additionally, fellows will be immersed in startup culture, which according to Shaila, “stimulates and embraces individual freedom, contributions and growth.”

If you want to jumpstart your career and be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Marissa Mayer, feel free to apply. E[nstitute] is accepting applications for the next 3 weeks through April 30th, 2012. Find out more at http://www.enstituteu.com/ and good luck applying for an apprenticeship position.

What entrepreneurial endeavors have you undertaken? Share you experience in the comments.

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