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273928aStephanie Orentas is a music and media student and The New School in New York. She’s a culture lover who’s worked with Nonesuch Records, Baeble Music, Bowery Electric and more.

A member of the FindSpark community at an early age (her freshman year!), we’ve always been impressed with her passion for the music industry and her drive to gain experience in the field. With multiple internships under her belt as a sophomore, we’re excited to keep tabs on what she’s up to and to share her story with you.

Learn more about Stephanie and her work!

What sets you apart from other young creatives?
My versatility, flexibility, and all-around curiosity. My main passion is music, and since the field of music is so broad I get the chance to explore every different aspect of the industry. Currently, I am an intern at the great Nonesuch Records, where I get to immerse myself in every department of the record label and learn first-hand how the business side of music works (the free CDs are great too!). I also enjoy going to shows every week and doing music photography, which is something I picked up last year and have grown to love. Through my various internships I have also been able to design posters and flyers for local shows like last year’s Baeblemusic showcase for CMJ 2013.


What is your proudest career moment (so far)?
Being an intern at Nonesuch Records is a dream! I am really proud and privileged to have the opportunity to work there surrounded by like-minded individuals who value music as much as I do. Every day I leave the office having learned something new and holding a new CD to listen to at home.

What’s something cool you’ve done recently?
I finally made my photography portfolio. Anyone can look at a few photos from concerts ranging from M.I.A. to Arctic Monkeys. It can be found here.



What’s something new you’ve recently learned?
My internship supervisor from Nonesuch took me out to breakfast recently and she helped me learn that life will take you where you need to be. She really inspired me and assured me my twenties aren’t the end of the world.

Where do you see yourself in in 5 years?
I have no clue, but what I am sure of is: I want to graduate college and I want to work in the music community.

What’s been your favorite piece of career advice you’ve received?
I really appreciated when Emily came to speak to my first-year class about career goals and internships. Much of my favorite career advice has come from her. Before I met her I had zero internships under my belt and now I have four!

What has been your biggest obstacle, and how did you overcome it?
My biggest obstacle was my shyness when I first arrived to New York. Through my classes at The New School I learned to be more outspoken and thoughtful. I got to meet many people and this newfound charisma helped me during internship and job interviews.

What’s your favorite part about being a FindSpark Member?
FindSpark is an incredible resource for students. I’ve learned the right way to present my resume and how to effectively write a cover letter. Through FindSpark events I’ve had the chance to interact with countless professionals in the creative world that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise. I learned the importance of networking, presentability and teamwork while volunteering.

How did you hear about FindSpark?
I briefly mentioned before that Emily came to speak to my first-year class  at The New School, and that is how I came to learn about FindSpark. After class I approached Emily because I was really intrigued and excited a place like this existed.

Anything else cool you’d like to share?
This painting by Gustav Klimt is really cool. Go see it at the Neue Gallerie in NYC.


Check out Stephanie’s Instagram feed, send her a message on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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