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Featured FindSpark Creative: Crystal Pang

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What sets you apart from other young creatives?

I believe in the intersection of multiple disciplines. At NYU Gallatin, I get to create my own major, so I’m studying digital narratives. This essentially is a combination of marketing, design, oral history, and advertising. I’m looking at how the food industry uses various marketing tactics to convince people to eat certain foods and how that affects their health (I’m also minoring in nutrition). My “major” allows me to explore worlds that may not be seen as connected, which I think transfers over to my professional mindset. A good marketing campaign is nothing without a good design and research. Everything is connected.

What is your proudest career moment (so far)?

My current internship at Scripps Networks Interactive is in New York. However, the HQ for Scripps is in Knoxville. There were about 30 interns in New York during the summer who never really got to participate in any intern events because most of the events were in Knoxville. As a past intern of NBCUniversal, I knew there were a lot of benefits when it came to going to intern events. By working with the HR intern coordinator in Knoxville and a fellow intern in New York, we managed to set up weekly lunch-and-learns with Scripps professionals from all different departments. We had 8 speakers for the summer, created an intern survival kit, and most importantly, created a community. My internship at Scripps had nothing to do with HR, but I knew that there was a need for interns to grow and learn from each other, so I took the leap and did it!

What’s something cool you’ve made or done recently?

When I first got my content distribution internship at Scripps Networks Interactive, I had no idea what content distribution was. The more I learned about the complicated world of distribution, the more I realized how important it was in the television business. I decided to create a graphic guide to the world of content distribution for future interns to follow and learn from. This way, they will have a little more insight into this industry than I did.

What’s something new you’ve recently learned?

I’ve always been fascinated by Facebook’s constant changing algorithm and how it affects businesses and regular users. I also looked more into native video advertising, carousel ads, and the new instant articles. I looked into where Facebook’s revenue comes from and explored more into how that company has developed, so… I guess I learned a lot about Facebook that I didn’t know about when I was just a user.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In five years, I hope to see myself in a role where I get to combine strategy and creativity while being challenged everyday. I’ve always been academic, so I love learning and hope to have a role that pushes me to keep thinking. I think it’ll be in the media industry, but I’m keeping an open mind to whatever I fall in love with. However, in the end, I want to change the world, especially for animal ethics and people’s health, so all paths will lead me there.

What did you want to be when you were 5?

I wanted to be a marine biologist. I love animals!

What’s your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram! I’ve been vegan for eight years and there’s a great vegan food community out there that I actively participate in. Free feel to follow me @veganeatsnyc!

What’s been your favorite piece of career advice you’ve received?

Pay it forward. Everything I do and have done is because someone has helped me, so I always try to do it for people, too.

What’s your favorite part about being a FindSpark Member?

As a student who is not a “creative” in a traditional sense, it’s great to be around students who understands that being a “creative” doesn’t just mean being a graphic designer, a producer, or anything like that. It can be a person who wants to actively participate in the creative industry.

How did you hear about FindSpark?

My friend was a Hustle Summit Fellow, and I interned with her in the past.

Anything else cool you’d like to share? This is your chance to brag!

I’m going to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador this January as part of the Dean’s Honor Society program at NYU Gallatin. I’m excited to learn about ecology, human settlement, and how technology has impacted nature.

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