#FindSpark 2014 Conference Checklist

#FindSpark 2014 Conference Checklist

FindSpark Conference

We can’t wait to see you at Find & Follow Your Passion: A FindSpark Conference on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Sign up for our free #FindSpark Chat: A Live Twitter Q&A on Thursday, October 16th, from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. You’ll have a chance to ask us and our featured speaker alumni all your career questions, while networking with fellow members of the FindSpark community!

Venue: The New School at 66 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011 (map) located between 5th Ave and Avenue of the Americas.

Dress Code: Business casual. Wear comfortable shoes. Room temperature may vary, so be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket you can wear during the sessions. The programming takes place in one building, but bring a jacket or umbrella if needed.

Event Format: Our events are fun. We aim to make all our events more comfortable, enjoyable and productive than other networking events. There will be a variety of panels and workshops to choose from throughout the day. During lunch, explore the neighborhood with your new friends and connections. Then head to our Opportunity Mixer, where recruiters and speakers will be available to discuss opportunities and give feedback on your resumes and portfolios.


  • Update your website or create a new one. We love Wix.com, and they will be leading a session at our conference. It’s always free, and if you want to upgrade to remove ads, our perk saves you $20! Keep an eye on your inboxes for the Wix discount code.
  • Get MOO Cards for 20% off! You can still order and have them shipped right to the conference.
  • Virginia & Ambinder specializes in your rights as an employee. They will be presenting and available for questions during the Opportunity Mixer. You can also ask questions privately at any time at findspark.com/contact.
  • Be ready for your closeup! We’ll have a photographer onsite to take brand new head shots for all your social media profiles.

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Before the Event:

▢  Download the conference app (works on all platforms!) so you can research and stay up to date on all speakers, employers, and logistics: events.bizzabo.com/findspark2014

▢  Read about all the speakers who are attending and sessions offered on the conference app or event website.

▢  Update your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Website.

▢  Create custom resumes and cover letters to hand to your favorite employers and speakers.

▢  Put together a nice business casual outfit (including comfortable shoes!).

▢ Read How to Use Social Media to Network: 6 Specific Examples.

▢ Read How to Ask a Great Question at a Panel.

▢ Read  Be The Closer: How to Start and End Conversations at Networking Events.

▢ Read 10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Online Presence in 10 Minutes.

▢ Read +1: How To Stand Out in a Digital Age.

▢ Read Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile with these 5 Quick Tips.

▢ Read How to: Resume and Cover Letter Writing.

▢ Read How to Dress Your Best for Conferences and Networking Events.

Submit Your Resume.


What to Bring:

▢  Business cards.

▢  Lots of copies of your resume.

▢  Portfolio showcasing your work and experience (printed or digital… portfolios are not just for designers!).

▢  A charged mobile device. Be sure to Tweet and Instagram with the hashtag #FindSpark.

▢ Read Creative Ways to Show Off Your Work at a Networking Event.

▢ Read  5 Places to Get Cool & Cheap Business Cards.

▢ Read Business Card Tips For Students & Recent Grads.

During the Event:

▢  Go with the flow. Make a tentative schedule, but if you head to a room that’s full, take it as an opportunity to explore something unexpected. We promise you’ll leave all sessions with valuable insights.

▢  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

▢  Speak slowly, breathe deeply, and smile.

▢  Meet company reps and speakers as well as other attendees.

▢  Have a strong handshake.

▢  Participate in our ice breakers.

▢  Mobile device running low on juice? Head to our Charging Station on the first floor to power up!

After the Event:

▢  Share your feedback through our surveys so we can continue to improve your experience.

▢  Become a premium member and sign up to attend future events!

▢  Stay in touch with speakers and employers, regardless of whether or not you landed a gig.

▢  Set up at least one informational interview.

▢  Follow up with everyone you met the next day.

▢ Read How to Get Employers to Respond to Your Emails.

▢ Read How to Follow Up with Employers in a Digital Age.

▢ Read The Importance of Follow Up: 6 Ways to Rock at It.

▢ Read Cover Letter Checklist.

▢ Read 15 Top Job Application Tips You Need to Know.

▢ Read Relationships Matter: How to Build & Maintain Your Network.

▢ Read How To Ace The Informational Interview.

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