FindSpark Member Spotlight: Travis King

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FindSpark Member Spotlight: Meet Travis King!

Travis was first introduced to FindSpark at  Project Ignite an event where our CEO and Founder Emily Miethner spoke. He followed up with Emily after the event with this message: “I heard you speak at project ignite and I followed you immediately afterward on Instagram. The importance of speaking up in order to make people aware of who you are and what your interest are is what stuck with me

Travis is a recent graduate of St. Johns University, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, He’s developed leadership experience as a veteran with four years of active military service. He was a communications specialist with the Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance and was recognized for solving challenging problems without having to escalate them.

As an honorably discharged veteran, he is now educating other students on ways to attend college debt free. Truly paying it forward.

Travis is ambitious and tenacious, he has coupled his passion for finance and marketing and is currently in Atlanta working at Synchrony Financial.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Travis and are happy to have him as a part of our community!

Get connected with him on LinkedIn.

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